Yellow Iron On Vinyl

Color Yellow
Multiple styles PU, PVC, 3D, Luminescence, Glitter, Flock
Composition PET+PU+TPU
Application It’s suitable for several areas of uses like decorations, branding, patches, reinforcement, logos etc.

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Yellow iron on vinyl FAQ guide

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With YGM Yellow Iron On Vinyl, you can unleash your endless imagination and inspire your creativity. Whether you need detailed and superior quality designing, lettering, numbering on t-shirts, hats, shoes, hoodies, aprons, caps, or many other products, we are the best choice in China. As the yellow HTV is made of pressure and temperature sensitive material, it adheres seamlessly to the fabric, even after repeated washings. Feel the joy of everyday life when you join us.

Provide an overview of yellow iron on vinyl from YGM

Yellow iron on vinyl is smooth and even, with a sticky pressure sensitive carrier that makes it easy to weed and transfer. You can effortlessly separate even the most intricate designs from the carrier sheet for a perfect application. A warm peel is achieved when the temperature is 130-160°C, a time of 15-20 seconds, and a pressure of about 0.2-0.5mpa. With its large size, you can accommodate even the most demanding needs. Spend some time with your kids and let your imagination run wild with our heat vinyl transfer for shirts! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our heat transfer vinyl.

Figure 1 Yellow Iron on Vinyl

Figure 1: Yellow Iron on Vinyl

Yellow iron on vinyl has a wide range of applications

Whether you wear yellow iron on vinyl on your sleeve, your pant leg, or your pocket, you’ll be wearing your creativity every day. Because this material doesn’t require a cutting mat, you can load and go. T-shirts, jackets, and backpacks can all be personalized with a touch of you. There are a variety of materials you can use with Yellow Iron On Vinyl, including hats, and it can wash 25 cycles.

Figure 2 Example of Yellow Iron On Vinyl in Shape

Figure 2: Example of Yellow Iron On Vinyl in Shape

Use yellow iron on vinyl effortlessly

With their die-cuts, yellow iron on vinyl can be easily removed from their pages. After peeling them off the page, align them onto the product’s surface, place your parchment paper on top of the custom iron-on, and iron on your masterpiece! Your clothing can be customized and made unique with iron-on stickers and iron-on designs.

Yellow iron on vinyl of YGM has several advantages

All fabrics can be applied to our custom iron-on stickers quickly and easily. The adhesive will remain strong and last for years, even in the washer and dryer. When you attend a trade show or networking event, wear your company logo to maximize brand awareness. Making iron-on transfers is also a fun way to add a special touch to your celebration!

Product that lasts a long time

Besides being safe, our yellow iron on vinyl will also last for years! With this iron-on clothing, there’s no need to worry about ruining it for up to five years or 20 washes. Your custom iron-on transfers, iron-on stickers, and custom iron-on letters will last longer if you fold them inside-out before washing and drying.

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