Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl

Multiple styles PU, PVC, Chameleon, Temperature Change, Surface Indentation, 3D, Metallic, Luminescence, Glitter, Flock, etc.
Composition PET+PU+TPU
Color Many colors available, can be customized.
Application It’s suitable for several areas of uses like decorations, branding, patches, reinforcement, logos etc.

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Custom heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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It only takes a few seconds to position YGM Reflective Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl and apply it. Just provide us with the artwork and we will deliver your finished designs! We offer a wide variety of high-quality materials and finishes, including heat-applied vinyls, and sewn or no-sew options. Every service we provide is affordable and quick, so no matter how big or small the job is, you can count on us. We have listed the details for Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl below. Hope you found this article to be very interesting and well worth reading.

Custom heat transfer vinyl: an overview

Custom heat transfer vinyl can be cut into various logos by laser or knife. With this, you can do patterns, left chest logos, tags for t-shirts, fonts, backpacks, bags, etc., and it works well with most fabrics or garments. Simply remove the backing from these transfers and press. They come cut, weeded, and ready to use. Besides offering the shirts your customers need, you can offer them a complete marketing package with transfers for their T-shirt, coat, and bag by using our full-color digital sign vinyl.

Figure 1 Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 1: Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl

Custom heat transfer vinyl is used for a wide range of applications

It is best to use heat transfer vinyl (also known as HTV) when making personalized gifts for friends. You can’t go wrong with a fun new t-shirt, can you? Furthermore, heat transfer vinyl can be easily customized to make it something they’ll love. There are many uses for it, not just t-shirts! You can use it to decorate totes, pillows,and even shoes! Don’t you feel like it’s time to get crafting with heat transfer vinyl? It’s time to get started!

 Figure 2: Application for Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl

The process

Figure 2 Application for Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl
  1. Create your design on the computer.  Remember to flip your design to make a mirror image of itself.
  2. Cut design with your vinyl cutting machine.
  3. Use a weeding tool or hook to weed away the redundant part carefully, leaving only the design that you want.
  4. Align your heat transfer vinyl design on the garment with the sticky side facing down. Use a home iron or heat press machine to heat your design firmly, following the instructions.
  5. Check your peel time properly before removing, then gently away the transparent film. If design is not adhered repeat step 4.
  6. Enjoy your completed project with Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl! Don’t forget to wait 24 hours before the first wash.

In addition to heat transfer vinyl, there are many other uses for it

Additionally, heat transfer vinyl can be used to customize and decorate T-shirts, garments, and other fabric items. The heat-activated vinyl can be permanently transferred to your clothing when it is exposed to the right conditions, including the right pressure, temperature, and time.

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