Green Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflectivity >10cd/lx/m²
Color Green
Backing Fabric PES/TPU
Hot Pressing Temperature 130-150℃
Hot Pressing Time 10-15s
Hot Pressing Pressure 4-6kg/cm²
Washing Performance 40℃@25 cycles home washing
Application Suitable for hot pressing onto the fabric as polyester, webbing, cotton, PU, PVC, etc.

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Green reflective heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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Featuring high-quality Green Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl that’s lightweight and stretchable! The program is ideal for designing graphics for apparel, such as shirts and hats. If you want to make your designs more intricate, you can add extra layers by heat-transferring or ironing on. It’s ideal for arts and crafts projects as well! Our company was created so you can explore your creative side through HTV supplies. Customer service is a top priority for us and we will do everything within our power to resolve any issues.

Give a brief description of green reflective heat transfer vinyl

When illuminated by light, the green reflective heat transfer film will reflect light. A silk-like, soft touch is provided by the advanced colorfast polyurethane film. HTV sheets are available in two kinds of backing fabrics, PES and TPU. Besides the green color, we have orange, purple, black, blue, gold, and silver etc. With all these options, you may create clothes, crafts, or whatever you wish!

Figure 1 Green Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 1: Green Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Utilization of green reflective heat transfer vinyl

Using reflective heat transfer film, you can cut by laser or knife, which is ideal for applying small designs and letters. Once you receive each sheet of heat transfer vinyl, it is ready for use. Vinyl easily adheres to virtually any fabric, making it an excellent option for t-shirts, bags, hats, and more!

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