Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting

Two types PET type and Acrylic type
Feature PET type: Untearable, easy operation, easy for computer cutting; Acrylic type: Tearable, can be screen printed, good extensibility, easy for computer cutting
Service life 5 years
Feasible operating temperature PET type: 5-30℃; Acrylic type: 18-28℃
Color Regular colors are white, yellow, red, green, blue, orange, brown and black. Accept customized.
Applications Road traffic signs and industrial safety signs, etc.

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Engineering grade reflective sheeting FAQ guide

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With YGM’s engineer grade reflective sheeting, you get brighter lights and a better appearance both during the day and at night than you would get with conventional beaded Engineer Grade sheeting.

This Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting from YGM with pressure-sensitive adhesive is ideal for traffic signage applications where aesthetics are important (no-parking, restricted parking, etc.). By bringing retro reflective optics to an Engineer Grade level, YGM is combining performance with economy to create traffic signage that reflects well and reflects well. We have answered all your questions regarding Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting in the following FAQ Guide.

Engineering grade reflective sheeting description

It is a reflective material with enclosed beaded elements designed for many non-critical traffic signs and commercial uses. Engineer Grade reflective sheeting is a durable, enclosed lens beaded sheet of retro-reflective material intended for indoor and outdoor signage for traffic and commercial use. Engineer grade reflective sheeting is also used for reflective stickers and decals, which typically last for about five years. The following are some of its characteristics:


  • Coating that resists corrosion
  • A variety of solvents can be used on it
  • The ability to resist weathering is excellent
  • Adhesion of excellent quality
  • Stabilization of dimensions
Figure 1 Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

Figure 1: Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

The product’s best features

  • Each roll contains 50 yards
  • Hand application to large substrate sheets is made easier with a robust design
  • Corners of polycarbonate cubes perform reliably
  • 5-7 years of performance life
Figure 2 Engineer grade prismatic sheeting

Figure 2: Engineer grade prismatic sheeting

Benefits of engineering grade retroreflective sheeting

  • Retroreflective technology from YGM that is reliable and proven
  • A brighter, more efficient light source than standard Engineer Grade with beaded optics during the day and at night
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Longer service life than advertising grade reflective sheeting
  • Choice based on economics

Application of the YGM’s product

  • Signs posted in temporary work zones
  • Signs with graphic elements
  • commercial applications
  • Creating barriers
  • Vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, and tractors
  • The train
  • It can apply to machineries
  • The sign needs to be visible for a long period of time, such as a parking sign, a safety sign, a mine sign, etc.

Characteristics of engineering grade reflective sheeting

  • The self-adhesive type
  • Cost-effective
  • Cuts using a plotter, cut using a die
  • Reflective beads
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