Iron-On Reflective Webbing Tape

Reflectivity >250cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Fluo Yellow, Fluo Green, Fluo Orange
Backing fabric Webbing tape
Composition Composed of reflective heat transfer vinyl being hot pressed on webbings
Application Ideal for high visibility safety clothing, hats, backpacks, etc

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Iron-on reflective webbing tape FAQ guide

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Heat-applied reflective heat transfer film is used to create YGM Reflective Iron-on Reflective webbing tape. Both the transfer film and webbing can be customized in width. It can meet the requirements in international standards such as OEKO-TEX 100. The reflectivity of the middle heat-transferred tape is greater than 250 cd/lux/m. While enhancing nighttime visibility, the colorful webbing provides excellent warning in the daytime, and provides day and nighttime protection.

What is an iron-on reflective webbing tape?

It is widely used for outdoor safety reflective products, such as safety equipment, safety uniforms, work clothing. Due to the reflective effect of the reflective fabric tape, these reflective safety products are extremely useful.

iron-on reflective webbing tape

Figure 1: Iron-on Reflective Webbing Tape

How do I use iron-on reflective webbing tape?

Reflective materials can be classified into reflective sheeting and reflective fabric, and reflective fabric tape can be used as a fashion accessory. As we all know, it is always evident in our daily lives, such as reflective clothing, safety vests, reflective hats, and reflective bags.

application of iron-on reflective webbing tape

Figure 2: Application of Iron-on Reflective Webbing Tape

What is the process for making iron-on reflective webbing tape?

Iron-on reflective tape is made of many glass microbeads. It is reflective and returns light to the source. Light would be reflected back from a reflective layer.

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