Iridescent Reflective Fabric

Fabric color Can be black, white, red, grey, blue, etc. Accept customized color
Reflective color Blue purple-light rainbow
Backing fabric 100% polyester, T/C, or spandex fabric,etc

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Iridescent reflective fabric FAQ guide

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China’s YGM factory is a leading manufacturer and exporter of reflective materials. In addition, we also produce high quality reflective fabrics, reflective flame retardant fabrics, reflective film/vinyl, reflective webbing and reflective piping, as well as reflective carving and silk-screen logos, which are used on work wear, safety vests, sportswear, footwear, uniforms and accessories, as well as other promotional products. These products have been certified per EN471, ANSI/ISEA 107-2010, OEKO-TEX 100, etc. We are a team of highly experienced professionals with many years of corporate and international trade experience. Whenever you have inquiries or requests, please feel free to get in touch! We look forward to serving you!

It is ideal for safety garments, fashion clothing, sportswear, fashion hats, shoes, and t-shirts, etc. Iridescent Reflective Fabric are also used to create timing and lining. Reflective fabric is offered by YGM manufacturer with custom reflected pattern and backing material based on your needs, thus this fabric can be utilized to make fashion items and casual garments. We recommend using this reflective fabric as casual and fashion wear reflective garments. It is a light to medium weight fabric. The following FAQ Guide below will assist you in understanding the Iridescent Reflective Fabric .

What is iridescent reflective fabric?

Figure 1 Iridescent Reflective Fabric

Figure 1: Iridescent Reflective Fabric

Reflective material such as Iridescent Reflective Fabric (also called neon or Rainbow Reflective Fabric) is made up of micro-glass beads, adhesives, and base material. A light beam passes through the micro glass bead and reflects light. When illuminated by light sources such as a car headlight, rainbow reflective fabric can display a striking multi-color reflective effect. In daylight, it is black, and at night, it is sparkled with colors like those of auroras. There is a lot of contrast in this design that inspires designers to implement it into fashion wear, casual wear, backpacks, shoes, etc.

What do we have in iridescent reflective fabric? And what can we make with iridescent reflective fabric?

Figure 2 Iridescent Reflective Fabric

Figure 2: Iridescent Reflective Fabric

Different rainbow reflective products are made by applying the special coating technology that allows rainbow visual effects to different base materials: rainbow reflective fabric, heat transfer vinyl, print reflective fabrics with different patterns, rainbow reflective tapes and piping, for example.

What is the most effective way to print iridescent reflective fabric?

A fabric printed with an iridescent pattern has a full-width reflective pattern. In the market, reflective printed fabrics are usually available in two types: silk screen printing and coating technology. Based on this patented coating technology from YGM, the latter one has a higher reflectivity and better cleaning performance.

Is iridescent reflective fabric customizable?

Of course it is! Depending on client requirements, both reflective patterns and base fabrics can be configured. In the daytime, the reflective pattern appears black and in the dark, it appears in a rainbow-like reflection.

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