Printable Glitter HTV

Color Red, Green,Black, Yellow, etc
Hot Pressing Temperature 130-150℃
Hot Pressing Time 10-15s
Hot Pressing Pressure 0.2-0.5mpa
Feature Made from glitter htv, it can create a glamorous and shimmering glitter look of designs with full color printing.

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Printable glitter HTV FAQ guide

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YGM heat transfer vinyl is a favorite in the industry due to their quality and value. The material is ideal for decorating fashion, cheerwear, and fan wear. Your finished design will have a unique look thanks to the glitter printing surface. It is possible to apply printable HTV to any color glitter HTV and get a multi-color glitter look much faster and even without having to have every color HTV for your project. Here are some details about our product.

Overview: printable glitter htv

The YGM printable glitter is a unique product which can be printed using Eco Solvent inks. The glitter flakes are made from real glitter flakes, creating a glamorous and shimmering glitter look when printed in full color. With our unique production process, there is no glitter loss after washing and various colors are available, including White, Neon, Rainbow etc. Additionally, it contains real polyester glitter particles. You can sublimate or embroider this product, as well as sublimate then embroider it.

It is ideal to print with eco solvent inks.  These films provide excellent ink absorption, vibrant colors, and easy cut and weed capabilities which make them ideal for customizing t-shirts, uniforms, sportswear, etc.  Transfer your completed design using our mask film.

Features ​of the printable glitter htv

  • An eco-solvent-based print material
  • Contains real glitter flakes
  • Various colors are available, including Red, Green, Black, Yellow, etc.
Figure 1 Printable Iron-On No Mess Glitter

Figure 1: Printable Iron-On No Mess Glitter

Application instruction of the printable glitter htv

You can easily create your own printed image with our htv printable glitter for any color of fabric. As a result of our unique formulation, we transfer paper bonds to the fabric, making it soft, flexible, and able to stretch without peeling. As soon as the transfer is applied, it is fully washable. In addition to using a standard iron, it can also be used commercially by using a heat press.

Instructions for printing and cutting:

  1. Your design should be printed in positive form on the media side of the material and cut out
  2. Once the excess material has dried, weed it out
  3. Remove air bubbles from the weeded design
  4. Remove the mask from the backing to reveal the vinyl adhesive
  5. Prepare the garment for heat application by positioning the masked design on it

Here are some care instructions:

Wash inside-out in a washing machine using mild detergent.

It is not recommended to use bleach. Use a normal dryer setting on a household machine. It is not recommended to dry clean.

Keeping it safe:

It is best to store the product in a cool and dry environment around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 50%. Avoid direct heat, sunlight, and humidity. It is recommended to keep the product for one year.

The best way to use the iron on vinyl

Step 1: Print and cut directly onto the inside of the film.

Step 2: The printed design must be completely dry before it can be used. The YGM printable media do not require long drying times.

Step 3: Remove the excess material.

Step 4: Your design can be transferred to the garment with YGM application tape.

Step 5: Between your transfer and application tape, make sure there are no air bubbles.

Step 6: Set your heat press to 130-150℃ for 10-15s at 0.2-0.5mpa pressure across your transfer.

Step 7: When the PET liner is warm, peel it off.

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