Holographic Reflective Fabric

Fabric Color Can be black, white, red, grey, blue, etc. Accept customized color.
Reflective Color Segmented rainbow.
Backing Fabric 100% polyester, T/C, or spandex fabric,etc.

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Holographic reflective fabric FAQ guide

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Some brands have already used this kind of fabric to make garments. Holographic reflective fabrics are becoming very popular among designers. End-users are now asking if the fabric can be made a bit softer after years of promotional efforts. A new soft type of holographic reflective fabric has been developed by YGM to meet the various demands of customers. Moreover, the maximum width can exceed 140cm, a much better result than 90cm. As a result, there will be less fabric waste for customers who want to make whole reflective garments. Especially when working in summer weather, workers must wear gloves when manufacturing reflective garments. Because the reflective fabric is composed of a backing fabric, glass beads, glue, and aluminum coating. Sweating from the hands will affect the aluminum coating, which will ultimately affect the surface. Below is the answers to the questions regarding Holographic reflective fabric.

Description of holographic reflective fabric

Figure 1 Holographic reflective fabric

Figure 1: Holographic reflective fabric

Holographic reflective fabrics are shiny, flashy fabrics with holographic images or patterns that look 3D when viewed. Essentially, it is a type of spandex fabric that is overlaid with holographic effects, therefore it has a variety of stunning reflections and images. It is available in numerous colors and patterns, including rainbow, wave, avatar, iridescent, and holographic spandex.

Buying holographic reflective fabric by the yard is just like buying other popular fabrics such as spandex, cotton, satin, mesh or milliskin. Typically, it’s used for dancing and gymnastics, costumes, and skating.

Therefore, look no further than holographic reflective fabric for your next sewing project if you’re looking for something that is glitzy, flashy and delightfully shiny.

Features of holographic reflective fabric

Figure 2 Holographic reflective fabric

Figure 2: Holographic reflective fabric

Lighting flashes on the cloth in darkness, causing it to reflect all six colors, just like a rainbow. The fabric can be used to make clothes or patched to your regular clothes so you can create night fashion.

Considering its reflective qualities, it can be used for sports clothing. It would make it possible for you to go night walking or night running in this fabric.

Holographic reflective fabric production

The spandex or Lycra that is the basis for hologratic reflective fabric is easy to wash.This manufacturer makes holographic reflective fabric using a base spandex fabric in a very innovative way. The shiny or metallic surface of plain spandex is first printed with a glossy or metallic pattern. In its current state, the fabric is known as surface-printed spandex, which can be easy to hand wash.

On top of the original layer of shiny or metallic colors is a layer of holographic effects. Reflective holograms will form on the fabric surface after this process. The lights reflect off the surface and create 3D effects. Despite the challenges of washing and laundering the fabric, the resultant fabric is difficult to keep clean. Even so, it is one of the finest fabrics that can be added to costumes or dancewear.

Tips for sewing Holographic reflective fabric

  • You can use zigzag stitches to ensure that the stretchiness of holographic spandex doesn’t interfere with your project.
  • It’s important to pick a stretch needle that has been freshly sharpened. As important as using the right needle is using a size 11 or 14 needle.
  • Choosing the right thread is important – normal polyester threads stretch enough to suit holographic fabrics. Avoid cotton threads at all costs.
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