Rainbow Reflective Print Fabric

Reflective color Rainbow
Multiple Styles Many printing patterns are available, accept customized
Backing fabric Applicable to various backing fabrics like 100% polyester, 100% nylon, spandex fabric, etc.
Washing performance 20 cycles under 40℃(home washing)
Application Multi-application on athletic wear, jackets, bags, hats etc.

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Rainbow reflective print fabric FAQ guide

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For years, YGM Reflective has exported reflective fabrics around the globe. Our team of skilled personnel can work well with you if you lack import experience, or guide you through the whole process if you do. Contact us if you are interested in reflective fabrics.

Describe what rainbow reflective print fabric is all about

The Rainbow Reflective Fabric is the end of your rainbow! Oil slicks combined with glass beads create a mesmerizing “reflective” effect. Added stability is provided by the white cotton weave at the back.

Figure 1 Rainbow Reflective Print Fabric

Figure 1: Rainbow Reflective Print Fabric

Rainbow reflective print fabric: how does it work?

Tiny glass beads are used in glass bead technology to reflect light. Upon passing through the front surface of each glass bead, light beams bend and reflect from a mirrored surface behind it. The beam then returns toward the light source through the front surface. As a result, you get a killer fabric ideal for trimming, lining, safety garments, sportswear, etc. Consider using this fabric for a windbreaker at an electronic music festival at night.

Rainbow reflective print fabric application

Due to its reflective properties, it can be used to make sports clothing. Using this fabric, a night jogger or a night walker could go out at night. Your cloth reflects the car’s lights back to the driver when the lights flash on you. As a result, drivers will be wary of approaching you. There will be fewer accidents at night.

Figure 2 Applications of Rainbow Reflective Print Fabric

Figure 2: Applications of Rainbow Reflective Print Fabric

This product has many great features

Lighting flashes on the cloth in darkness, which makes the cloth reflect 6 colors, just like a rainbow. This fabric can be used to make clothes or patched onto existing clothes to create nighttime fashion.

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