Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

FeatureThe surface has a strong flocking effect
Hot Pressing Temperature130-150℃
Hot Pressing Time10-15s
ColorAccept customized color

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Flock heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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Heat transfer vinyl with flock is a furry or fuzzy material. The material feels like felt or suede. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a much thicker type of vinyl. Your design will look more dimensional because of the fuzz. The following information will give you some great ideas for projects and show you how to use flocked vinyl.

Flock heat transfer vinyl description

Add a soft texture to your craft project with flock heat transfer vinyl!  In every design, flock materials create a non-shine look with a smooth faux suede look. Cutting, weeding, and applying flock materials are easy.  A variety of colors are available for flock materials.

Figure 1 Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 1: Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

The advantages of flock heat transfer vinyl

A cheaper alternative to embroidery is flock heat transfer vinyl. Your staff uniforms can look professional with this logo if you have a small budget. Compared to other options, it gives a much more professional appearance at a much lower cost. Kids clothes can be made with this vinyl. It’s going to be a hit with them! On hoodies and tops for sports, it looks good. This makes numbers and names really stand out.

Instructions for applying flock HTV to a heat press

  • In your design space, place your setting to reflect your design.
  • You can mirror your design so that when you place it down, it will be right-side up by mirroring it.
  • Your mat should be placed with the shiny side down.
  • The dull side of the paper (no color) is facing up during cutting.
  • The design is cut and the vinyl is weeded.
  • Set up the heat press and place your vinyl design where you want it to be pressed.
  • Apply a cover sheet (Teflon paper or parchment paper) over your design and press at 130-150℃ for 10-15 seconds with medium pressure.
  • Allow design to cool and cold peel protective film in one pull after opening press.
  • From the press, remove the product.
Figure 2 Flocking Series

Figure 2: Flocking Series

Flock heat transfer vinyl care instructions

  • It is recommended that you wait 24 to 48 hours before washing your garment.
  • You should wash the item in cold water by turning it inside out.
  • Ideally, items should be dried on a low setting or hung up to dry.
  • Keep chlorine bleach away from your home.

There is a difference between flex film and flock film

There is a difference between flock film and flex film in terms of thickness and smoothness. Both are attached to an adhesive carrier. Those are hard adhesive plastic layers. It is possible to cut flex folm as well as flock film using a cutter. Hand-cutting is also an option. Using pointed scissors, you cut them out without removing the carrier after drawing it on the back. The flex film, however, is more suited to smaller designs than flock film.

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