Double Color Reflective Sheeting

Two types PET type and Acrylic type
Feature PET type: Untearable/ Acrylic type Tearable
Service life 3 years
Feasible operating temperature PET type: 5-30℃; Acrylic type: 18-28℃
Color Regular colors are red&white, yellow&black, yellow&red, orange&white, blue&white
Applications Advertisement signs

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Double color reflective sheeting FAQ guide

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China’s YGM Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer & Supplier is a leading supplier of double color reflective sheets. It is one of YGM’s reflective products made of PVC / acrylic / PET or mixed face film. Customers can choose appropriate reflective vinyl based on their needs, PVC reflective films are good for digital printing, acrylic reflective films are good for screen printing, PET reflective films can be plotted, and all can be UV printed. In case you have strict requirements regarding reflectivity, we also provide different reflective sheetings with various reflective values and customized services, and we also provide samples for free. Here are some FAQs regarding the product.

What is double color reflective sheeting?

Figure 1 Double Color Reflective Sheeting

Figure 1: Double Color Reflective Sheeting

With the fast paced growth of the market, we are engaged in trading, exporting and supplying a wide range of Colored Reflective Sheeting. It is our policy to provide products to our clients within the time frame promised so that their demands can be met. Low maintenance and compatibility are two of the reasons why our products are highly regarded among customers. Each product is subjected to various tests to ensure its quality and durability. At the most affordable prices, we offer a wide range of Double Color Reflective Sheets.

What are the main features of double color reflective sheeting?

  • The product comes in multiple colors: blue, brown, green, orange, red, white, yellow.
  • This product is available in two sizes: 2 ft x 4 ft (Height) x 1 ft (Length).
  • This product is made from PVC
  • It is expected to last for 2-3 years
  • Wide range of substrates can be cut and applied easily
  • The product is environmentally friendly, non-consumed energy, and safe and reliable

What are the applications of the product?

Suitable for traffic signs, road signs, car parks, buildings, maintenance of infrastructure, airports, railways, and transport repairs.

How durable is YGM's reflective sheeting?

We offer durable Double Colored Reflective Sheeting. The durability of these products varies from one to three years when used outdoors.

How long does it take to get my ordered double color reflective sheeting?

The Double Colored Reflective Sheeting you ordered from us can be sent to you within 5 business days once we have enough stock to do so. Unless there is enough stock, shipping can be done within 25 to 30 working days if there is no stock available.

What is the quality of your product?

With highly visible, durable, and high quality Reflective Sheeting, YGM manufactures the very best in the industry. Providing quality reflective sheeting to customers around the world is our expertise as a leading reflective material manufacturer.

We aim to be your one-stop shop when it comes to long-lasting Double Colored Reflective Sheeting due to our strict quality control measures, unmatched expertise, and high capability in the material reflective industry.

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