Glow In The Dark Tape

Three types  PET type, Acrylic type and PVC type
Feature  PET type Untearable, printable;Acrylic type Tearable, printable;PVC type Untearable, good for screen printing and ink-jet printing
Service life PET/Acrylic type: Indoors 20 years, outdoors 7 years;PVC type: Indoors 10 years, outdoors 3 years
Feasible operating temperature All are 18-28℃
Applications Safe guiding, place name signs, traffic signs, mine, fire emergency and other signs production.

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Glow in the dark tape FAQ guide

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Photoluminescent glow tape by YGM holds its own against many other brands. Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and even emergency equipment use this glowing tape to improve safety. Glow tape is commonly used to line emergency evacuation routes; during an emergency, everyone can follow the path to safety. We were also able to maintain the highest levels of quality when our material was exposed to high levels of stress. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products. If you’ve been stuck in a sticky situation and are looking for a Luminescence tape you can rely on, we’ve got what you need.

What is glow dark tape?

We offer a variety of vinyl adhesion products that are weather-resistant and suitable for a variety of uses, such as photoluminescent tape for indoor and outdoor applications.You get excellent adhesion and clean removal with no residual residue. Suitable for both children and pets, these products are non-toxic and non-radioactive. The glow time on each roll is greater than the international building code requirement. In addition, it has a good ability to emit light after absorbing light from a variety of sources. It is important to note that different grade products will have different absorb abilities, which means they will shine lights for 5-12 hours without any electric power.

Figure 1 Example of Photoluminescent Tape

Figure 1: Example of Photoluminescent Tape

What are the product's features?

Lighting takes only 30 minutes. A variety of surfaces can be used with it due to its versatility. The application process is simple since it can be ripped by hand. An easy to work on, scratch proof surface makes it easier to repair and customize, and it can be written on and customized. It is applied permanently and lasts a long time. The tape is bright enough to be seen from a distance. Additionally, it is waterproof, sunscreen, corrosion-resistant, self-adhesive and non-radioactive. When a power outage occurs, the tape will instantly light up in order to provide illumination. This product is made of self-adhesive vinyl, making it easy to stick to doorways, stairs, or hazardous areas. No electricity is needed for the glow to last for more than six hours in dark or smoky conditions.

What is the primary purpose of the product?

Using this at the workplace can help ensure public safety. Whenever there is a blackout caused by either a power outage or an emergency, glow in the dark safety tape can direct people to where they need to go. This is because there are danger signs, walls or stairs nearby. If a blackout occurs or it is dark at night, glow in the dark safety tape can also be used at home. This is to guide children and the elderly within the house. Mark the base of a wall with tape to indicate where a wall ends and where steps or stairs await. If you store an emergency kit in drawers, you can use short strips to locate them.

Figure 2 Example where to place glow in the dark tape

Figure 2: Example where to place glow in the dark tape

How does the YGM’s tape work?

Used to identify critical equipment controls, light switch covers, exit and directional signage, especially on escape routes and staircases. It provides a safe, illuminated path through stairwells, halls, rooms, and other potentially hazardous areas.  

What is the lifespan of the dark tape?

Absorbs light quickly and lasts a long time. The unit can be powered by any standard or UV light source. In just 30 minutes, your fluorescent tape will glow. Luminosity gradually decreases over time.

How long does it take for glow in the dark to wear out?

Because of the fact that the phosphor that is responsible for absorption and emission of light energy is acting completely as a result, glow-in-the-dark tape can be reused as many times as you’d like, and no problems will arise from it.

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Absorbs light quickly and lasts a long time. The unit can be powered by any standard or UV light source. In just 30 minutes, your fluorescent tape will glow. Luminosity gradually decreases over time.

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