PVC Reflective Tape for Clothing

Reflectivity 100-250cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color White, Yellow, Red, etc
Feature Highly resistant to abrasion, durable and resistant to washing and cold weather. Waterproof and dustproof.
Customizability The patterns on the tape can be customized.

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PVC reflective tape for clothing FAQ guide

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YGM Reflective high visibility PVC Reflective Tape for Clothing, and sewn on reflective garments like safety vests, motorcycle/bicycle vests, work clothing, bags, and tents. In environments with poor visibility or at night, it significantly increases the wearer’s visibility. We offer PVC Reflective Tape that is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Feel free to contact us for more information if you would like a customized service.

Give a brief description of PVC reflective tape for clothing

The PVC Prismatic Tape is intended to be put on high visibility clothing, sportswear, life vests, bags, shoes, etc., which can enhance visibility even in wet conditions. As it is made of micro-prismatic vinyl film and back seals with PVC sheeting, it appears white, yellow or red at daytime, reflects light directly to the original light source, and enhances the visibility of those wearing it.

Figure 1 PVC Reflective Tape for Clothing

Figure 1: PVC Reflective Tape for Clothing

Reflective PVC tape for clothing features

In addition to being waterproof and dustproof, PVC reflective tape is also highly reflective. Furthermore, this product is not only durable, but also highly reflective. It does not get damaged when it is washed frequently or in extreme weather conditions. This thread is ideal for stitching high-vis clothing, such as life vests, jackets, overalls, pants, and blazers, as well as accessories like shoes and bags.

Are you able to see PVC reflective tape at night?

Although it is not exposed to light, it still acts as a reflector in the dark – that is, if light were to shine on it, it would reflect it, and it would still be visible in the dark.

Figure 2 PVC Reflective Tape for Clothing

Figure 2: PVC Reflective Tape for Clothing

PVC reflective tape for clothing customization

At YGM, we offer you the option of specifying your own sizes since we are not just a wholesale reflective tape factory in China. Regardless of the size, pattern, or even aperture you choose, our engineers will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want. We will calculate the price based on the design you need, and we will make the exact same package for you. You can also see some sample packages on our website.

Clothing with PVC reflective tape

Both employers and employees are required to wear hi-vis clothing, especially during assessments. It is essential that your employer provides adequate protection and adheres to it under low light and poor lighting conditions. According to BS EN 471, HV clothing must be conspicuous and reflective; this British Standard is harmonized with European legislation.

What are the most common places to find reflective tape on clothing?

Some of the more common applications of high visibility clothing are;

  • Construction
  • Warehouse staff/packers
  • On site inspection teams
  • Bike/motorbike couriers
  • Medical response teams
  • Security and safety personnel

When it comes to hi-vis workwear, you should assess your needs and those of your team. When handling machinery or using mechanical equipment, along with ambient and artificial lights or the lack thereof, you will be required to wear high-visibility gear. Ensure that you are compliant and are also aware of your legal obligations by consulting a health and safety assessment team.

China's best supplier and manufacturer is YGM reflective

Although the quality of our PVC Reflective Tape for Clothing is superior to that of our competitors, the price of it will never be higher. We follow the enterprise spirit of ‘innovation, efficiency, truth-seeking, and honesty’, and adhere to the business philosophy of ‘high quality, low price, and excellent service’, to expand the market with the majority of customers. Our enterprise will, as always, adhere to the tenet of ‘reputation first’ and ‘quality first’, and we will be pleased to receive customers for advice and friendly collaboration!

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