Red Silver Reflective Sheeting

Feature Can be used in bad weather, high reflectivity, high visualization, good stickiness.
Feasible operating temperature 5-30℃
Service life 7 years
Applications Include trucks, RVs, boats, mailboxes, hiking trailer markers, backpacks, helmets, cycles and more.

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Red silver reflective sheeting FAQ guide

Table of Contents

Red silver reflective sheeting - what does it mean?

It is glass beads type reflective sheeting suitable for all vans, such as those stating “No Parking” or “Restricted Parking”. It offers long-term durability and improves upon the brightness performance of beaded engineer grade reflective sheeting during daytime and at night.While ensuring the quality of our products, we also minimize the pollution to the environment.

Figure 1 Red Silver Iron-on Reflective Sheeting

Figure 1: Red Silver Iron-on Reflective Sheeting

The product’s features

  • This product is durable and rigid for easy application, has a 7-year non-prorated warranty, and features vivid colors with bright silver to ensure maximum reflectivity
  • It is six times brighter than conventional markings to use red silver micro prismatic sheeting reflective tape
  • To meet DOT regulations, this truck tape is ideal
  • Weather-resistant, dirt-resistant, and aging-resistant
  • strong and durable
  • Edges that are pre-sealed
  • To prevent corrosion, the construction is non-metallic
  • Glue that sticks aggressively
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Materially superior and expertly crafted
  • A strict quality control process is followed from beginning to end
  • Utilizing advanced technology, expertly crafted
Figure 2 Features of the Reflective Sheeting

Figure 2: Features of the Reflective Sheeting

Describe the purpose of reflective sheeting

Flexible, durable, vivid, colored, and bright reflective sheets are available. Considering all of these factors will help you choose the right sheeting for your application. Providing you with the best tape for your job is the purpose of this article. It is important to consider all factors before selecting reflective sheeting, such as the surface the sheeting will be applied to, the light dispersion and brightness required, the colors that best suit the application, and the distance at which the tape needs to be visible during the day and at night.

The product's application

Glass bead type reflective sheeting, which has a wide range of applications in road safety products. It is generally used in vehicle protection devices, because it has a good reflective effect, a long visual distance, and can be quickly identified.

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