Elastic Reflective Tape

Reflectivity Silver: 400-500cd/lx/m²; Any color: 20-80cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Silver or any color
Backing Fabric 85% polyester+15% spandex
Feature  Good stretch performance
Customizability The size and color can be customized. And we have two series of single-sided reflective and double-sided reflective

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Elastic reflective tape FAQ guide

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Reflective garment factories rely on YGM Reflective elastic reflective tape. The reflective elastic tapes are sewn onto the safety vest, sportswear, or traffic police vest. As a safety vest, these jackets can be eye-catching because of the reflective tape, thus the reflective fabric is helpful. Read the frequently asked questions for more information.

What is an elastic reflective tape?

Pick from a range of colors or silver reflective tape when you’re sure that elastic reflective tape is right for your product. The backing fabric of YGM’s reflective tape is made up of 15% spandex and 85% polyester. Elastic and safety-protection fabrics benefit from its above-average stretchability.

Elastic Reflective Tape

Figure 1: Elastic Reflective Tape

Where can elastic reflective tape be used?

Reflective tape is elastic and flexible, making it suitable for a wide variety of garment products.

  • With reflective tape and elastic.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Several options available.
  • A variety of words and patterns are available.

Can YGM reflective elastic reflective tape be used safely and according to regulations?

Definitely! We must renew the certificate religiously at YGM without fail. YGM’s reflective products are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, EN ISO 20471, ANSI 107, and UL, etc.

Do reflective tapes last long?

It is best to follow the washing instructions. In fact, the reflective polymer is designed to last longer than t-shirts if you don’t scrub or scour it harshly during washing. 

At what distance are reflective tapes visible?

Up to 200 meters away. Safety reflective helps you stay safe by providing you with maximum visibility both during the day and at night. It’s easier for the car to see you when it’s reflective.

Elastic Reflective Tape Far Away

Figure 2: Elastic Reflective Tape Far Away

How can I order from YGM reflective?

YGM Reflective can be contacted in the following ways.

  1. Visit our website
  2. By clicking the “Contact” button
  3. Submit the contact form
  4. Contact us at info@cnygm.com
  5. Visit our company

Does YGM offer any free samples of elastic reflective tape?

 You can get free elastic reflective tape samples from YGM at no extra cost. However, shipping fee needs to be paid, but only before you order. In short, once you complete your order, we will deduct the shipping cost you paid from the total.

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