Colorful Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Attachment TypeHeat Transfer
ColorAny color
Backing fabricPES or TPU
ApplicationIdeal for hot pressing onto the T-shirts, caps, bags and other textiles to ensure visibility and safety. It can also be laser-cut or knife-cut into graphics and logos to meet various fashion requirements.
CustomizabilityThe logo and color can be customized.

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Colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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YGM Reflective offers a wide array of colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl. It is made thinner so that it can stretch and stretch without compromising on its durability. We engineered this heat transfer film to resist peeling, cracking, and fading. This thin design allows fabrics to stretch and flex naturally as a result of its excellent elasticity & stretch. It retains the shape and tonality of color even when washed repeatedly for a long time.

We use the highest quality material available for making YGM Reflective HTV. This material is toxic-free. HTVs are continually lab-tested to ensure a higher level of quality, including washing and colorfastness. You can expect all our vinyls to last more than 25 washes, if they are heat pressed using the right pressure and temperature.

What is a colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl?

These colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl sheets will add pizzazz to your fabrics. Featuring a dozen vibrant colors, this set of HTV is sure to impress. Colorful reflective colors are featured on heat transfer vinyls. Colors like gold, silver, pearl, white, pink, black, and gray offer endless artistic possibilities. You can use them very easily. Simply cut, weed, and peel. With these heat transfer vinyl sheets, you will never have to worry about curling, tunneling, or tearing. For the best long-lasting results, air dry the iron-on HTV sheets included in this set. You can cut these heat transfer vinyl sheets with any electronic cutting machine. It is possible to get your hands on this set of HTV sheets today, just click “Contact Us”, you will be glad you did.

ygmreflective color reflective heat transfer vinyl

Figure 1: Colorful Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Where can I apply colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl?

As with any heat transfer vinyl, reflective heat transfer vinyl is suitable for pressing on T-shirts, bags, shoes and pants by using heat transfer technology. But the reflective heat transfer vinyl has the reflective property, which can reflect the lighting in the dark, and it is a kind of iron-on reflective vinyl, which can be hot pressed on the T-shirt by iron, covering single color reflective heat transfer vinyl and rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl. Reflective heat transfer vinyl is a superior personalized design for personal T-shirts, and it can also be ironed on to bags, pants, and top clothing for children’s safety.

ygmreflective Applications of Colorful Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 2: Applications of Colorful Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

In what ways does colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl benefit clothing?

There is no such thing as an out-of-style sparkle! You’ll love this smooth heat transfer vinyl, which has a glossy surface and a unique reflective finish that changes color when the light hits it. Variety of colors to add a stylish touch to any garment.

  • Glossy, reflective finish that shifts as the garment moves
  • PES or TPU backing
  • Are capable of reflecting light under dim lighting conditions.
  • HTV vinyl in colored reflective colors, such as white, black, gold, and red.
  • Plotter-cutting reflective HTV vinyl.
  • Stronger carrier film that won’t easily curl during hot pressing.

What types of peels are there?

  • After heating the vinyl, you need to peel away the carrier. HTVs can be hot, warm, or cold peeled.

    • Hot Peel – Peel carrier off as soon as the design comes off the press. No waiting required!
    • Warm Peel – Wait for the carrier to cool for a few moments before peeling it away.
    • Cold Peel – Let the carrier cool down completely before removing it.

What is the best way to use colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl?

Following are the steps to use the Heat Transfer Vinyl:

  1. Build a template on your computer.
  2. Use a knife plotter or a laser plotter to cut vinyl (with the transparent layer of carrier sheet facing down).
  3. Weed away the excess of vinyl, leaving your design on the carrier layer.
  4. Place the vinyl on your cloth (transparent layer of carrier sheet facing upwards), heat press at 120°C-140°C, press 2-3kg/cm² for 12-15 seconds. If you’re using a home iron, press it under strong pressure.
  5. After 30 seconds of cooling off, softly peel off the carrier layer.

If the vinyl doesn't stick well to the fabric, what should I do?

Check these three key points if vinyl is unable to adhere to fabric well:

Pressure/Temperature/Time. Raise them and do it again during the transfer. It uses a professional high pressure heat machine, which can adhere hot melt glue to cloth tightly because it can press firmly. Check the pressure if the TEMP and time are sufficient. YGM recommends cutting a small piece to try before you use the machine.

When buying heat transfer vinyl, what are the things I need to keep in mind?

Heat transfer vinyl material is available for every fabric and application. Here are some things to consider when purchasing heat transfer vinyl:

  • The durability and abrasion resistance of sports jerseys are essential. Make sure the HTV can outlast the product. Cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blends can almost all be heat applied to these materials” with “HTV can be hot pressed onto cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blends.We have materials that adhere to nylon mesh and challenging fabrics.
  • Consider the stretch of the garment when choosing a heat transfer vinyl. If you want to decorate performance apparel, you need an HTV that will not restrict or weigh the garment down. Know what the needs of the customer are and choose a heat transfer vinyl to match them.

Certain fabrics are easier to decorate than others. If you’re looking for heat transfer vinyl for cotton shirts, it’ll be easy to find, but what about a woven nylon tote bag? Synthetic and semi-synthetic materials ‒ like rayon, and nylon ‒ present their own challenges.

How can you apply colorful reflective heat hransfer vinyl without bubbles?

  1. When vinyl is applied to a surface, many bubbles can appear across it. Especially so after you’ve spent so much time aligning and positioning the vinyl. You may still be able to solve your bubbling problem even if you’ve already installed the vinyl.

    1. Surface cleaning
    2. Dry the surface
    3. Applying your vinyl without bubbles
    4. Additional Help
Bubbles on Vinyl Craft

Figure 3: Bubbles on Vinyl Craft

How do I order colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl?

With the options below, you can order and continue to receive YGM colorful reflective heat transfer vinyl. Happy shopping!

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