Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl

Feature A slight concave and indentation effect on the surface, the corresponding pattern can be developed according to the customer.
Hot Pressing Temperature 130-140℃
Hot Pressing Time 12-15s
Hot Pressing Pressure 0.2-0.5mpa
Color Black

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Surface indentation heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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Known for its softness, durability, and effectiveness, retro reflective fabric is the best fabric to wear in low-visibility conditions. Choosing this fabric is a great choice, but it doesn’t mean the challenges are over. There’s no doubt that finding premium quality reflective fabric isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to find a reliable source. With YGM, you can find all your protection needs, whether you have employees who work during the day or at night.

Soft, featherlight, and water-resistant, our fabric meets the standards for sun and water resistance. Many items are made from this material, including clothing, shoes, backpacks, sportswear, hats, and more. With just a few steps, regular clothing can be transformed into a safe and protective look in no time.  FAQ Guide will help you in answering all your questions regarding Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl.

What is surface indentation heat transfer vinyl?

As the heat press indentates the garment, the finished product is developed to the customer’s desires. Consequently, you will notice a physical difference when you hold it against your hand. With this method, it is possible to take even the simplest designs and add a new level of complexity to them. Although the heated print produces a thicker, indented effect, clothes will remain intact and beautiful for years to come.

Figure 1 Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 1: Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl

What is the best way to get heat transfer vinyl that can indent surfaces?

It is strongly recommended that a heat press be used to ensure that Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl is applied properly to the garment despite using a domestic iron or hobby press. Besides saving time, Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl will be applied at the recommended temperature, pressure, and time specified by the HTV manufacturer.

Is it possible to print designs on surface indentation heat transfer vinyl using a printer?

The surfaces on Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl are designed to produce solid-color designs, such as text and silhouettes.  Since the surface is already textured, it is not recommended to print on the surface, but you can customize the texture you want.

Figure 2 Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 2: Surface Indentation Heat Transfer Vinyl

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