Colorful Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl

Luminous Intensity ≥3000mcd/㎡
Color Any color
Backing Fabric PET+PES
Hot Pressing Temperature 130-140℃
Hot Pressing Time 10-15s
Hot Pressing Pressure 4-6kg/cm²
Washing Performance 40℃@25 cycles home washing
Application Luminous time up to 5 hours. Suitable for hot pressing onto the fabric as polyester, webbing, cotton, etc

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Colorful luminous heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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YGM Colorful Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl has the best stretch, so that it can be cleaned many times without losing its quality (withstands 25 washings without peeling). HTV materials we use are Oeko-Tex certified eco-friendly and safe to wear. Heat transfer vinyl beginner bundle kits can be used with all kinds of cutting machines. This will be a great companion for Cricut, Silhouette and Cameo machines. Moreover, because the process requires little heat, you can also complete the work with household irons.

Colorful luminous heat transfer vinyl description

With Colorful Luminous  Heat Transfer Vinyl, you can apply it to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, katsa, and other fabrics using a heat press (peel the protective film only after the vinyl has cooled down). You can customize shirts, onesies, totes, pouches, hats, blankets, pillow cases and more with your Cricut or Silhouette machines, or you can cut them with regular scissors.

colorful luminous heat transfer vinyl

Figure 1: Colorful Luminous Heat Transfer Vinyl

YGM colorful luminous heat transfer vinyl’s features

Nowadays, heat transfer film and vinyl are the most popular printing materials. You can use a cutting machine to cut any design pattern on clothing, such as a name, number, logo, or any other design.

  1. They are soft and elastic, and they are washable
  2. It shows no signs of cracking, fading, or peculiar smell
  3. It can be used to make DIY products or individual designs.
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