Marine Reflective Tape

Surface Film TPU
Feature High reflective. The surface is regular hexagonal honeycomb.
Feasible operating temperature 15-28℃
Color White.
Applications Easy to sew on or stick on the surface of various marine life-saving equipment, like life jacket, life buoy, life raft etc, which can enhance the visibility of marine products.

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Marine reflective tape FAQ guide

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Featuring the strongest adhesive on the market, this tape is tough and bright! You can stick it almost anywhere! The tape is a flexible polymeric film that is mil thick, 2 inches long, UV stable, and weather resistant. The product has been designed to withstand the harsh marine environment as well as extreme cold temperatures. In marine and land environments, our flexible reflective tape increases the visibility of life jackets, ring buoys, survival suits, buoys, markers, rain suits, backpacks, jackets and other objects. In addition to motorcycles and bikes, it is very popular for its extreme reflectivity.

Describe the marine reflective tape in general

In addition to its impact resistance and UV protection, this high-quality self-adhesive tape complies with several requirements. There are several layers of minuscule prisms in this tape that produce a perfect reflection of light and can be applied to a variety of materials, such as steel, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.

Figure 1 Reflective Tape in Marine Environments

Figure 1: Reflective Tape in Marine Environments

The best tape supplier and manufacturer is YGM

In comparison to other reflective tapes, YGM reflective tape is brighter. Over 1000 candelas are produced by YGM. A car tag is typically made of 75-gauge engineer grade sheeting.  Because of its high reflectivity, the tape can be seen for thousands of feet rather than hundreds and offers extreme reflectivity that can make a life-saving difference in search and rescue operations. Secondly, the tape has a stronger adhesive. It has an aggressive adhesive of 5 mils. It comes in handy when the tape is applied to non-standard surfaces, like wood or pitted metal.

Tape’s application

Featuring a bright reflective surface (encapsulated glass grain), it is thin and conformable.  The product has been approved by the U.S. It has been designed specifically to make inflatable life rafts, life jackets, and rings buoys more visible in marine environments. Surfaces such as aluminum and zinc coated steel plates need to be free of dust, grease, and contamination that could affect the adhesive. If the stainless steel surface is unpainted, this product is not recommended.

Figure 2 Application of the product

Figure 2: Application of the product

The features of YGM tape

Reflective tapes are used as a way to reflect light from life-saving equipment. It is a flexible and highly transparent plastic film encapsulating a lens. In the marine and offshore industry, our tape has been specially designed. The finish is durable and glossy, and it prevents delamination. In dry and wet conditions, all products have an optical design with an encapsulated lens that provides high reflectivity. All products reflect bright white in daylight viewing conditions.

YGM is distinguished from other reflective tapes by its brightness. It came from YGM has a Candela rating over 1000. The standard engineer grade sheet is around 75, as can be seen on the number plate. The tape’s high reflectivity allows it to see thousands of feet instead of hundreds. A YGM tape’s high reflectivity can make all the difference in search and rescue operations. In addition, YGM reflective tape has a viscosity of 5 mils, which can also be firmly adhered to some objects with non-smooth surfaces

  • The tape is the toughest and brightest on the market.
  • The adhesive is very strong and sticks to almost anything.
  • Designed to increase visibility in marine and land environments, our flexible tape is ideal for life jackets, ring buoys, survival suits, buoys, markers, rain suits, backpacks, jackets, and other objects.
  • The high reflectivity of this product makes it very popular for motorcycles and bikes as well.
  • With glass beads retroreflecting elements, this is 8 mil thick, flexible, UV-stable, weather-resistant, and UV-stabilized. Extreme cold and harsh marine environments can be handled by this material.
Figure 3 Application of the product

Figure 3: Application of the product

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