Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl

FeatureMetal effects on the surface.
Hot Pressing Temperature130-140℃
Hot Pressing Time12-15s
Hot Pressing Pressure0.2-0.5mpa
ColorDivided into Metal Series, Rainbow Metal Series, Symphony Dot Metal Series. Accept customized color.

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Metal heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

Table of Contents

You can find everything you need to know about metal heat transfer vinyl in this FAQ guide. Metal heat transfer vinyl from YGM is of the highest quality, meeting the ever-increasing demand.

What exactly is metal heat transfer vinyl?

Your projects will look great with YGM Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl! Featuring a smooth finish, soft hand, and brushed metal appearance, this material is perfect for wearing with a touch of magic! A home iron or a heat press can be used to apply it. In addition to being easy to use, this product is available in a variety of colors.

Figure 1 Customized Color Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 1: Customized Color Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl

Metal HTV: how do I apply it?

Make sure the t-shirt is wrinkle-free and moisture-free before ironing. In order to determine where the shirt’s center is, fold it in half and iron/press a crease line down the middle. Next, fold and crease Metal’s carrier, then align it with the t-shirt’s crease line (usually about 3 fingers down from the collar).

  • Heat Press
  1. On the garment, place the design
  2. Design should be applied at 130-140°C for 12-15 seconds (medium pressure).
  3. Cold peel carrier
  • Home Iron
  1. The garment should be placed on a hard, flat surface (an ironing board is not recommended).
  2. Use a cotton setting on the home iron. Steam is not allowed
  3. On the entire design, press firmly with the iron for 15 seconds. For large designs, press each section for 15 seconds
  4. Cold peel carrier
  5. For 15 seconds, cover with parchment paper and lightly move the iron across the entire design
Figure 2 Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl on T-Shirt

Figure 2: Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl on T-Shirt

What is the best way to wash and care for metal HTV?

Before washing, wait at least 24 hours after application. It is recommended that you wash your project inside out at maximum 40°C in order to protect it. Dry cleaning is not recommended for metal.

HTV metal layering: how do I do it?

You can create a unique look by combining heat transfer vinyl with other colors and effects!

If you are designing with YGM Metal, remember that it can be layered only as a “top layer”, so ensure you don’t layer another HTV on top.

Here are some tips and tricks

  • To keep the Metal HTV as shiny as possible, do not press it a second time.
  • Feel free to re-press the Metal sections as well when applying the other HTV if you prefer the hammered look.
Figure 3 Example Layer of Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 3: Example Layer of Metal Heat Transfer Vinyl

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