Gradient Reflective Fabric

Color Gradual change of color,perfect combination of silver and any color, like black, yellow, red, green, pink, etc. Accept customized color
Backing fabric 100% polyester or spandex fabric,etc
Feature Soft and light-weighted, make it ideal fabric for outdoor garment and fashion wear

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Gradient reflective fabric FAQ guide

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YGM’s research and development department developed gradient reflective fabric after successfully developing soft reflective fabric and rainbow reflective fabric.

Yellow and gray colors are combined in these newly designed reflective fabrics. All the gray colors make the reflective jacket look more stylish and fashionable, and make it look more appealing. It is now possible to do 330cpl in gray color but only 140cm in yellow color. A different reflective effect can also be seen when the light shines on it. Our designer may also use this new reflective fabric as an outer shell in addition to stitching fabric. This will result in a better gradient effect.

As a leading manufacturer of reflective materials, YGM is always keeping a close eye on market trends and researching new reflective materials to meet the various needs of customers. Down below is our FAQ Guide that answers all your inquiries.

Description of gradient reflective fabric

Figure 1 Gradient Reflective Fabric

Figure 1:  Gradient Reflective Fabric

Holographic laser gradient perspective describes the style of this mesh. It is very psychedelic, with dazzling brilliance. The dimensions of this item are 140cm / 55 inches. Multiple quantities of fabric will be available as continuous lengths once they are sold per 1/2 yard. It is one of the highest quality designer fabrics available on the market. You will be impressed by the lightness, color illusion, good drape, and cool touch. There are many uses for it, including swimwear, dresses, dance clothing, activewear, costumes, pageant wear, competition wear, pole dancing, belly dancing, ice skating costumes, and many other types of garments.

Application of gradient reflective fabric

Figure 1 Gradient Reflective Fabric

Figure 2: Gradient Reflective Fabric

Using reflective fabric opens up an endless number of possibilities. To begin with, it can be used as protective workwear for employees and staff. It’s also suitable for fashion apparel, which is another advantage of this fabric. The outfit is also a wise choice for sports lovers who require wear both during the day and at night. Accessories such as shoes, backpacks, hats, and bags can easily be made reflectivity-friendly.

Customization of gradient reflective fabric

It’s essential to customize your product to stand out from your competition and get in front of your customers. You can contact our customer service team right away for retro reflective fabric in several colors including black, silver, red, blue, gray, etcetera. In addition, we can provide custom sizes and patterns. We can provide you with another color choice if you want.

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