High Luster’s Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Scratch-Resistant

Item No D001-FT
Reflectivity >400cd/lx/m²
Color Silver
Backing Fabric PES
Hot Pressing Temperature 140-150℃
Hot Pressing Time 8-15s
Hot Pressing Pressure 4-6kg/cm²
Washing Performance 40℃@25 cycles home washing
Application Especially suitable for scratch-resistant and wear-resistant materials such as shoes and bags

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High luster's reflective heat transfer vinyl (scratch-resistant) FAQ guide

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YGM Reflective specializes in High Luster’s Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl (Scratch-Resistant) and has the capability to design and develop related products for customers. Our company will continue to enhance its competitiveness on the market, maintain its own advantages, and develop to new heights. Our goal is to improve efficiency through innovation, breakthrough, and stable quality. As a business, we adhere to the principle of shaping ourselves, being honest, and serving society. We sincerely appreciate your patronage, order, and cooperation.

High luster's reflective heat transfer vinyl (scratch-resistant)

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl (Scratch-Resistant) from High Luster is essential for road traffic safety, outdoor safety, as well as a cultural reflection of fashion. Reflective products such as reflective logos, reflective clothing, reflective accessories, reflective caps, reflective gloves, reflective vests, reflective jackets, reflective school uniforms, etc. are now becoming more and more popular.

ygmreflective High Luster's Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl (Scratch-Resistant)

Figure 1:High Luster’s Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl (Scratch-Resistant)

Use of high luster's reflective heat transfer vinyl (scratch-resistant)

Particularly suitable for pressing polyester, webbing, T/C, and other fabrics and safety clothing. Ideal for cutting into strips and logos. This material can also be used for shoes and bags since it is scratch- and wear-resistant.

Features of the high luster’s reflective heat transfer vinyl (scratch-resistant)

  • Reflectivity:>400cd/lx/m²
  • Color:Silver
  • Backing Fabric:PES
  • Hot Pressing Temperature:140-150℃
  • Hot Pressing Time:8-15s
  • Hot Pressing Pressure:4-6kg/cm²
  • Washing Performance: 40℃@25 cycles home washing

Product customization at YGM

You have many options if you want to brand your Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl (Scratch-Resistant) from High Luster. The first option is laser cutting. Another option is to cut it according to the graphics required. Likewise, you can cut logos in the same manner. It’s easy to customize the size in this case.

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