High Intensity Prismatic Grade Reflective Sheeting

Feasible operating temperature 18-28℃
Service life 10 years
Color White, orange, red, blue, brown, etc.
Applications Highway signs, traffic signs, crossing signs, various vehicle markings wherever high visibility and long-lasting performance in required.

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High intensity prismatic grade reflective sheeting FAQ guide

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In order to meet the needs of the automotive industry, YGM has developed reflective sheeting. As a result, it has a long lifespan and a high brightness. Fits easily in trailers, trucks, helmets, skateboards, bicycles, or anywhere visibility is necessary. Keep safety at the forefront of everything you do.

Describe YGM's HIP grade reflective sheeting

In order to produce durable reflective traffic control signs and delineators and general signage that will be exposed vertically in service, the product  range is available as non-metalized micro prismatic lens reflective products. With the right substrate preparation, the sheeting provides long-term durability and reflectivity.

Figure 1 High Intensity Prismatic Grade Reflective Sheeting

Figure 1: High Intensity Prismatic Grade Reflective Sheeting

Differences between diamond grade and high intensity prismatic reflective sheets

Signs that are brighter make roads safer. As a result of reflective sheeting, signage can be brighter and more visible during the day, and even at night. This gives drivers more time to react to the signage. Take a look at the comparison. It is often used for reflective traffic and road signs and meets middle grade performance standards as well as ASTM D4956 Type IV. Polycarbonate cube corner technology is used to create this reflective sheeting. It reflects almost twice as much light as high intensity prismatic sheeting using 100% efficient full-cube prismatic technology.

Figure 2 High Intensity Reflective Sheeting

Figure 2: High Intensity Reflective Sheeting

The best choice for grade reflective sheeting is YGM

  • Road safety.

When brighter signs with reflective sheeting were installed over a period of three to six years, crash numbers dropped by 25 to 46 percent.

  • Luminous

Our YGM warranty covers a 12-year life expectancy.

  • Angles of observation are broad.

Drivers of all sizes will be able to see your sign thanks to full cube technology.

Reflective sheeting has a number of great features.

A reliable source of visibility.

  • It is important to have signs that are bright and visible so that drivers can react quickly. It gives drivers better visibility than glass beaded retroreflective sheeting when they need it most. Performance standards for middle grades are met in most cases.


Suitable for a variety of imaging methods.

  • A variety of digital printing solutions and electronic cuttable films can be used with it, as well as screen printing.


Strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Topcoats protect signs from scuffs, scratches, and gouges, allowing them to last longer, even in extreme weather conditions. As a result, fewer replacements will be needed and associated costs will be reduced.
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