Silver Reflective Print Fabric

Reflective ColorSilver
Multiple StylesMany printing patterns are available, accept customized.
Backing Fabric100% polyester, 100% nylon, spandex fabric, etc.
Washing Performance20 cycles under 40℃(home washing)
ApplicationMulti-application on athletic wear, jackets, bags, hats etc.

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Silver reflective print fabric FAQ guide

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China’s YGM is a manufacturer of reflective material, including printed reflective fabric, which is a very popular product in the clothing industry.

Silver reflective print fabric: everything you need to know

The silver reflective print fabric is a customized reflective fabric for clothing. You can customize the design with your own logo, promotion words, or other patterns. The reflective fabric shows different colors depending on the time of day, gray during the day and white at night when there is light. As a result of glass beads reflecting light from the source, retro-reflective fabric has a reflective effect.

The following patterns of YGM printed fabric are currently in stock, you can choose your favorite from the following products. YGM will also be able to arrange the production if you would like to have a customized design.

Figure1 Silver Reflective Print Fabric

Figure1:Silver Reflective Print Fabric

Application fields of silver reflective print fabric

You can use reflective fabric on athletic wear, jackets, bags, hats, and other clothing related to the safety of people and their property. Further, the printed retro-reflective fabrics are widely used for casual clothing, reflective jackets, which can make you stand out at night if you walk down the street, and can also be used as safety gear for night runners and kids.

Production process of silver reflective print fabric

The process involves printing spherical lens glass beads (consisting of silica, barium oxide, zinc oxide, etc.) on a fabric surface. As the incident light passes through the glass beads, it will refract, reflect, and refract back to the light source. Reflective printing color pastes are composed of reflector, cross-linking agent, and colorant (in the right amounts).

The mixture should have strong film-forming properties and high transparency. If necessary, a crosslinking agent may be added to enhance the fastness of the product. Different colors produce different reflection intensities.

In general, the darker the color of colorants is, the stronger their ability to absorb light will be, and the lower their corresponding reflectivity. Reflective printing is similar to pigment printing. After printing, it must be dried at 100-105 °C for three minutes and then baked at 150 °C for three minutes and for home washing 20 cycles under 40℃.

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