Ordinary Reflective Tape For Clothing

Reflectivity 10-30cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Gray or any other color
Backing fabric 100% polyester or T/C
Application Ideal for civil garments with normal requirements
Washability No washing requirements

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Ordinary reflective tape for clothing FAQ guide

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YGM Reflective has a variety of products with colors such as silver, gray, yellow, green, orange, red, rainbow, fluorescent, and much more to choose from. To ensure the quality and performance of our Ordinary Reflective Tape, we use excellent raw materials, advanced equipment, and skilled technicians. Towards the enterprise’s century-long plan, we’re strengthening the foundation, improving management, and generating revenue and efficiency.

As one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of cheap ordinary reflective tape for clothing, YGM Reflective is well-known. You are welcome to contact our factory if you are satisfied with our products, and we can also accept customized orders.

What is ordinary reflective tape for clothing?

It is widely used for outdoor safety reflective products and reflective safety clothing, such as safety equipment, safety uniforms, work clothes, sanitation clothing, for people who work at night. Not only does YGM Reflective provide professional ordinary reflective tape, but we can also provide colored reflective tape according to your needs. You can either choose the appropriate reflective fabric directly from our YGM Reflective products, or you can contact us directly for more information.

ygmreflective Ordinary Reflective Tape for Clothing

Figure 1: Ordinary Reflective Tape for Clothing

Does YGM offer colored ordinary reflective tape?

Absolutely! Ordinary reflective fabric tape for clothing is available in a number of colors, but regular is gray, and is not as versatile as the aforementioned varieties. Nevertheless, it is widely used in clothing and garments for everyday use. In order to manufacture ordinary reflective clothing tape, we use polyester or TC (Tetron Cotton) backing fabric.

ygmreflective Colored Ordinary Reflective Tapes

Figure 2: Colored Ordinary Reflective Tapes

What are the uses of ordinary reflective tape?

You don’t have to worry about our ordinary reflective tape since it’s multifunctional. Some ways you can use it include:

  • Workwear: Add reflective tape to employee attire.
  • Children’s safety: Include it as part of children’s uniform for extra safety on the road.
  • Vacation wear: Reflective fabric can be helpful in low visibility, especially when you’re traveling in a foreign country.
  • Adventure clothing: Whether you are a cyclist or a marathoner, reflective fabric is an excellent way to help others find you on the road.
  • Patchwork fashion: Adding ordinary reflective tape can create a whole new look when you’re using contrast colors for dresses and other clothing.
  • Sportswear: You can add reflective materials to jerseys, shorts, and other sportswear items to make them safer.
  • Fashion clothing: Add a touch of glitz and glamor to your ordinary clothes with ordinary reflective tape.
  • Home decor: Add reflective tape to home decor items such as pillows, sofas, outdoor rugs, and more.

Why should I purchase ordinary reflective tape?

You need to make sure your goals are clear before choosing a Chinese supplier of reflective tape. Consider these advantages:

  • Long-lasting
  • A major benefit of reflective fabric is its good washability. A reflective tape product should even be waterproof and dustproof, in addition to being resistant to hot and cold weather.
  • Convenient
  • When you buy reflective tape from a reflective fabric manufacturer, you can process reflective fabric industrially. If you are using sew-on varieties, you should use tailoring scissors since it’s easier.
  • Stylish
  • Reflective tape can be used for clothing in a number of different ways, including designing trendy dresses for workwear to trendy trousers, tops, jumpsuits, overalls and more for safety.
ygmreflective Application Of Ordinary Reflective Tape For Clothing

Figure 3: Application of ordinary reflective tape for clothing

What are the benefits of buying ygm's ordinary reflective tape for clothing?

Basically, a reflective tape for clothing is  used on cloth-like items such as the jackets worn by firefighters. These jackets are marked with this reflective tape to indicate the presence of danger for the purpose of making people aware as the tape reflecting light for indicating a certified or possible threat.

In relation to clothing, this reflective tape has been around for quite a long time due to its durability and reliability regarding safety and precautionary measures when faced with uncertain or unwanted circumstances. Reflective tape for clothing serves a variety of purposes because of its high effectiveness. Because of all of these practical functions, this reflective tape for clothing has many uses. The tape can be used wherever and whenever it is necessary.

What is the best way to care for reflective tape for clothing?

How to extend the life of reflective material on safety clothing:

  1. Use a delicate cycle on the machine to wash in cold water.
  2. Do not use bleach or fabric softener when washing your clothes in the machine!
  3. Try not to wash the reflective products with your work jeans or any clothing with rough edges or fabrics. A rough texture can wear away the microscopic glass beads on retro reflective tape for clothing.
  4. Use a line dryer to dry reflective items. If you choose to machine dry, remove the product right away. Heat added to the product will damage the reflective tape for clothing.
  5. Read the washing instructions icons carefully. You will learn how to wash your high visibility clothing!

By following the instructions above, you can protect your reflective tape for clothing and make it last longer. Please remember, however, to buy a new one when you scuff or damage the reflective material on your clothing. Otherwise, you won’t be protected. Your life and the lives of your employees may be saved if you purchase a new one.

YGM Reflective: why should we choose it?

Chinese manufacturer YGM Reflective integrates the development, research, and production of reflective materials. All products meet ANSI 107, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, EN ISO 20471, and UL standards. As a company, we aim for excellence, honesty, and trustworthiness, as well as cooperation and common interests. We adhere to a philosophy of “Quality First, Credit Credibility, Pursuit of Excellence, Innovation, and Pragmatism.”

How can I get in touch with YGM reflective and order?

Our vision is to be a global industry leader that continues to innovate, energize, and drive the visibility industry forward. Listed below are the possible ways to reach YGM Reflective.

  1. Visit our website
  2. Then click on “Contact”
  3. Complete the contact form
  4. By sending us an email at info@cnygm.com
  5. You can reach us at any of the following numbers: +86-0576-88122360,  +86 18358652001, and +8615005869778
  6. Visit our company
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