Reflective Piping

ReflectivitySilver/High Reflective Series: 300-400cd/lx/m². Ordinary/Colorful Series: 10-15cd/lx/m²
Attachment TypeSew On
ColorSilver, Gray or any color
Backing Fabric100% polyester, T/C or 85% polyester+15% spandex
CompositionComposed of gray/silver/colorful reflective fabric, cotton core and mesh fabric.
ApplicationSuitable for sewing into various products ‘seams, and used on outdoor wear, bags, shoes, cap, umbrella, safety belt, etc.

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Reflective piping FAQ guide

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The reflective piping is made of reflective fabric, cotton core, and mesh cloth. The fabric is used in many products ‘seams, and is widely used on outdoor wear, bags, shoes, caps, umbrellas, etc. It can help you outline and make yourself more visible at night or in low-light conditions. It is possible to customize the specification of reflective fabric, cotton thread, and mesh cloth depending on the customer’s needs. Get more details about the product now!

Describe what YGM reflective piping is

There are many sizes of reflective piping available for you to make knitting products as a warning when you are on the road,since drivers can see you from a distance. Reflective piping can be silk screened with a customized logo or printed off-set on the surface and sewn on directly to the clothing.

Figure 1 Reflective Piping

Figure 1: Reflective Piping

The colors of reflective piping

Manufacturers such as YGM sell the reflective piping in a wide variety of colors that range from silver to gray and any other color of your choice. There are three types of backing fabrics: 100% polyester, T/C or a blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex.

Figure 2 Colors of Reflective Piping

Figure 2: Colors of Reflective Piping

Reflective piping as an application

As a trim for jackets, coats, sorts, skirts, handbags, hats, etc. It can be sewed onto dresses, pants, shorts, jackets, bags, shoes, capes, belts, and much more. Add a silver or colorful twist to your clothes and accessories, and define the edges and lines of your designs with it. Be creative and you’ll make road safety fun!

Figure 3 Application of Reflective Piping

Figure 3: Application of Reflective Piping

The composition of reflective piping

In addition to reflective fabric and a cotton core, mesh fabric is also used to make reflective piping. In low-light or nighttime conditions, it can help to outline the wearer and enhance their visibility. Customers can customize the specification of reflective fabrics, cotton threads, and mesh cloth.

Figure 4 Composition of Reflective Piping

Figure 4: Composition of Reflective Piping

The delivery of products at YGM reflective

Lead times and delivery times vary. Due to that, most YGM buyers around the world typically receive their orders within 25 to 35 days. We can talk further if you need a shorter lead time as our factory capacity is humongous. As soon as you confirm the order, you’ll receive a definitive lead time.

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