Sew-on Reflective Webbing Tape

Reflectivity >250cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Fluo Yellow, Fluo Green, Fluo Orange
Backing fabric Webbing tape
Composition Composed of reflective tape sewed on webbings.
Application Ideal for high visibility safety clothing, hats, backpacks, etc.

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Sew-on reflective webbing tape FAQ guide

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As a professional manufacturer and exporter of reflective materials in China, YGM Reflective is very experienced. Our main product is sew-on reflective webbing tape, which is commonly used in work wear, safety vests, sportswear, footwear, uniforms, and promotional products. We are ready to provide you with the best service!

What is a sew-on reflective webbing tape?

A common type of webbing is sew-on reflective webbing tape. Fluo yellow, green, and orange are the most common colors. They are woven tapes with reflective tape sewn on. They do not require washing. There is a reflectivity of more than 250cd/lx/m2. Woven tape and reflective tape are highly customized.

ygmreflective Sew-on Reflective Webbing Tape1

Figure 1: Sew-on Reflective Webbing Tape

What makes YGM's sew-on reflective webbing tape special?

A variety of reflective webbing tapes are available for sewing on. There is a reflectivity of more than 250 cd/lx/m2. The webbing is 90% stronger than nylon and is one of the most UV-resistant reflective materials available.

ygmreflective Sew-on Reflective Webbing Tape2

Figure 2: Sew-on Reflective Webbing Tape

Can you suggest any applications for this product?

  • Highly reflective tape that is easy to sew
  • Provides safety for cycling, walking, and running at night
  • Hi Viz Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Athletic & Professional Footwear
  • Handbags
  • Outdoor & Logging Reflective Gear
ygmreflective Sew-on Reflective Webbing Tape Application

Figure 3: Sew-on Reflective Webbing Tape Application

How do I sew reflective webbing tape?

It takes some special skills and materials to sew webbing, but it is easy to do.

  1. Cutting and choosing webbing
  2. Round up your amount of webbing to the nearest yard or half yard.
  3. Measure how wide you want the webbing to be.
  4. Tape the ends before cutting them.
  5. If you wish, melt the ends after cutting them.
  6. Pick a heavy duty thread if you wish.
  7. Use a heavy-duty universal needle on your sewing machine
  8. To stitch in a zigzag pattern
  9. Pin the ends of the webbing together or to the fabric
  10. Under the presser foot, place the webbing and fabric
  11. together and sew across the webbing
  12. Sew to the edge of the webbing

What types of webbing are there?

Webbings are used by all of these items and industries for a wide range of purposes. There are several varieties of webbing, including nylon, polypropylene, polyester, etc.In the upholstery industry, webbing comes in four main varieties: Jute, Rubber, Black & White.

What are the ordering procedures for YGM reflective?

The following methods are available for contacting YGM Reflective.

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  2. By clicking the “Contact” button
  3. Submit the contact form
  4. Email us at
  5. Visit our company
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