Temperature Change Heat Transfer Vinyl

FeatureDifferent colors can appear at different temperatures. The temperature of general discoloration is 31 degrees Celsius.
Hot Pressing Temperature130-140℃
Hot Pressing Time12-15s
Hot Pressing Pressure0.2-0.5mpa
ColorColor is limited

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Temperature change heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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The vinyl we sell comes with an adhesive on one side and a paper backing that protects the adhesive until it is exposed. Heat transfer vinyl with temperature change is a vinyl that changes color when chilled below 59°F (15°C). The vinyl changes color when returned to a warmer temperature. You can find more information below.

Product description

It is an innovative way to transfer your design to virtually any surface using Temperature Change Heat Transfer Vinyl. Depending on the temperature, it changes color. When the color change vinyl reaches certain temperatures, it changes color. Different vinyl areas can be tested with a temperature gun to determine the optimum temperature.


Figure 1: Temperature Change Heat Transfer Vinyl

A description of its uses and features

Heat Transfer Vinyl with Temperature Color Change is a unique material that changes color as the temperature changes. There are a number of ways to use it, including:

    • Temperatures above 31 degrees Celsius will make the design appear, and temperatures below 31 degrees Celsius will make it disappear.
    • There are a variety of colors to choose from: deep blue-purple, orange-yellow, purple-blue, green-lime yellow.
    • Vinyl absorbs heat and changes colors as a result.
    • Applying and removing it is simple.
    • Temperature changes the color of the surface, as a result.

Products with multiple applications

Find the perfect vinyl cup decal no longer. For hot pressing on vest, T-shirt,jacket and bag, our color-changing vinyl sheets are the best.

Figure 2 Temperature Change Heat Transfer Vinyl Color Series

Figure 2: Temperature Change Heat Transfer Vinyl Color Series

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