3D Heat Transfer Vinyl

Feature 3D effect, three-dimensional convex and concave sense
Thickness 250μm/500μm/1000μm
Weight 300-900g/㎡
Hot Pressing Temperature 140-160℃
Hot Pressing Time 15-20s
Hot Pressing Pressure 0.2-0.5mpa
Color Divided into single-color and two-color series

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3D heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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With YGM, you can create high-quality graphics on tees and hoodies that have a raised look and feel, just like our traditional 3D heat transfer vinyl. This vinyl is perfect for creating premium designs for everyday fashion, spirit wear, athletic clothing, and more.

A 3D Heat Transfer Vinyl has a raised texture after heated. A layer of dimension can be added to your designs with these HTVs. Unlike standard HTV, this material cuts and weeds exactly like conventional HTV, but after heated, it has three-dimensional convex and concave senses. Use production cutters such as Roland and Graphtec, or craft vinyl cutters like Cricut and Silhouette, to make sure your cut settings are accurate. All your questions regarding the 3d heat transfer vinyl are answered in the following FAQ Guide.

Description of 3D heat transfer vinyl

Using our Super-Easy-Weed technology, you can easily weed these 3D heat transfer vinyls. Your garments will also be more durable with this material since it is extremely flexible, allowing them to be washed many times before losing any shape. There are many colors available in our new 3D heat transfer vinyl line – making it the most multicolored on the market! The 3D effect can be achieved by pressing once only, which makes it super easy to use. With its pressure-sensitive carrier, this product is not only easy to weed, but it can also be repositioned if necessary.

Figure 1 3D heat transfer vinyl

Figure 1: 3D heat transfer vinyl

Features of 3D heat transfer vinyl

Figure 2 3D heat transfer vinyl color card

Figure 2: 3D heat transfer vinyl color card

  • Featuring a slightly raised look, this HTV is unique
  • When heated, the material becomes pliable and soft
  • A variety of textures are available
  • Suitable for standard placements & graphics
  • Only possible to layer on top of itself
  • The texture and feel of the material are unique and high-fashion.
  • This effect has a stunning 3D effect.

Recommended fabrics for 3D Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Textile made from cotton
  • Blends of polyester and cotton
  • A polyester mix that is 100%
  • It contains lycra
  • Clothing that enhances performance

Washing instructions for 3D heat transfer vinyl

You can machine wash it at a warm temperature with mild detergent

Dry in the shade

    • The backside should be ironed
    • Chlorine bleach is not allowed
    • The application should not be washed for 24 hours
    • Dry cleaning is not recommended

Considerations when using 3D heat transfer vinyl

  • Use fabrics without water-repellent coatings, such as nylon.
  • To achieve optimal results, set the pressure parameters (temperature, pressure, and time) as required.
  • It may be possible to damage vinyl if it is heated too hot
  • It is recommended that you wash personalized garments inside out at a maximum temperature of 40°C
  • A cool, dry place is recommended for storing it away from direct sunlight.
  • After purchasing this vinyl, we recommend using it within 6 months.
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