Reflective Thread

Reflectivity 300-400cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Silver, Gray
Backing Fabric PET film
Types We have two series of single-sided reflective and double-sided reflective.
Application It can blend naturally into other fabric or yarns and add reflection properties to any items.

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Reflective thread FAQ guide

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A reflective thread at last! Especially in the dark, this serves security and protects the public. There are thousands of microscopic glass beads that encase the reflective thread, which is made from a polyamide core and a polymer coating that ensures the adhesion of the reflecting glass beads to the thread. Please read more below to learn more about the product.

Describe what reflective thread is

A thread designed for embroidery machines that will reflect light strongly under dark lighting conditions. When twisted with a reflective strand, polyester strands can produce a very sparkling effect. By using reflective embroidery thread on safety garments, the wearer will be better visible in dark environments and they will be better protected.

Figure 1 Reflective Thread

Figure 1: Reflective Thread

YGM reflective thread application

The reflective effect of embroidery machine thread can also be used on Halloween costumes, stage costumes, pajamas, fashion apparels, Christmas decorations, pillowcases, and decorative seams, in addition to safety clothing & sports wear. In addition to machine embroidery, this thread can also be used for piecing, sewing, and fine embroidery by hand.

Figure 2 Reflective Thread Application

Figure 2: Reflective Thread Application

Describe the process of creating the reflective thread

It’s made with a backing fabric made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Today, YGM offers one-sided or two-sided reflective threads depending on your needs.

The reflective thread comes in a variety of colors

It is best to mix reflective thread with yarn to make clothing, shoes, bags, hats, etc. more reflective.

Figure 3 Silver Reflective Thread

Figure 3: Silver Reflective Thread

YGM reflective thread certifications

The certification ensures a product’s safety and compliance with regulatory standards so it can be used and protected in the best possible way. It is our policy at YGM to renew our certifications regularly and without fail.

The following certificates are available with YGM’s reflective products:

  • The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is intended to ensure the safety of humans and the environment when using clothes, fabrics, and leather in production stages and ready-made items.
  • A standard for high visibility from all sides, EN ISO 20471 mandates the placement of reflective material on specified areas to avoid blind angles and ensure high visibility.
  • Created by American National Standards Institute, ANSI 107 certifications are categorized into three courses: Type O (off-road), Type P (safety work), and Type R (traffic control).
  • UL (FR reflective tape) uses approved labs with national recognition for safety testing in among the many companies permitted by OSHA.

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