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YGM: Leading new trends in security at CIOSH 2024

The 106th CIOSH Labor Insurance Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from April 25 to April 27, 2024. The CIOSH Exhibition plays an indispensable role in shaping the future of global safety standards and is one of the important channels for promoting safety equipment. As a giant in the reflective materials industry, YGM is honored to participate in this exhibition.

YGM’s booth in this exhibition is located at No. 5G38, Hall E5. There are a wide variety of reflective materials displayed at the booth, the most popular of which is reflective tape for clothing, which can be sewn onto various fabrics; reflective heat transfer vinyl is also another popular product of reflective materials, which can be laser-engraved into different logos and then ironed on clothes; flame-retardant warning tapes are more used in the field of fire protection because of their excellent high temperature resistance and flame-retardant properties. In addition, YGM also displayed its reflective accessories, such as reflective piping and reflective  yarns. These reflective accessories prove that fashion and safety can be had at the same time.

Figure1 YGM reflective material

The YGM booth attracted many customers, who showed great interest in YGM’s products, and there was an endless stream of customers on site. YGM not only arranged experienced sales staff and professional R&D personnel to receive customers, but Chairman Chen and General Manager Wang also took the time to go to the booth to talk to customers in person. YGM always adheres to customer-centricity. Only by deeply understanding the specific needs of customers can we provide them with tailor-made solutions.

Figure2 YGM in CIOSH 2024

The three-day CIOSH exhibition trip came to a successful conclusion. This exhibition allowed more people to know YGM and also showed the public YGM’s contribution in the reflective field.

Figure3 YGM in CIOSH 2024

——Eden Zhang

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