YGM Launches Lean Management Project for Better Quality Products

On October 14, 2023, YGM, the renowned listed company held a grand ceremony for the launch of their much-awaited lean project. The primary focus of this project is to minimize the product failure rate and customer complaint rate. In line with this objective, the management has identified four crucial aspects of the production process that can be improved, as mentioned below.

lean project 1

The initial phase of the project involves improving the quality of reflective cloth in the previous process. This approach will ensure that high-quality raw materials are used, which will eventually result in excellent end-products. Secondly, the management plans to improve the environment of the reflective cloth/aluminized workshop. This significant move aims to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for the employees while adhering to the strict industry standards.

The third aspect of the project involves enhancing the quality of the hhigh luster’s reflective heat transfer vinyl. By focusing on this area, YGM’s leadership is determined to provide customers with superior products that meet and exceed their expectations. Finally, the project aims to improve the quality of the bead planting process and adopt the horizontal promotion and implementation of the workshop. This approach is critical in ensuring that the production process is standardized and streamlined to optimize the firm’s operational efficiency.

After a month of thorough and dedicated rectification, the placement of items in the production workshop was re-planned, improving the space utilization of the workshop, and effectively reducing the product defect rate. This successful implementation of YGM’s lean project reflects our company’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

In conclusion, YGM deserves recognition for its unwavering and innovative approach to management, resulting in consistently excellent product quality, establishing its brand name, and creating a company culture that values both its workers’ well-being and manufacturing efficiency. The YGM team is determined to continue practicing and implementing lean management for the success and growth of the company.

——Eden Zhang

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