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Let’s Make Zongzi with YGM to Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

On June 22, YGM held a Dragon Boat Festival event to celebrate this traditional festival that is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. YGM recognized the importance of this festival and its customs, the event was organized to help employees strengthen their connection with Chinese traditions and to promote cultural diversity within the company.

As per the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, the event revolved around creating the delicious zongzi. YGM employees are divided into groups according to departments, and they work together to make the most delicious and innovative zongzi. The process of creating zongzi was an opportunity for employees to bond with one another and foster teamwork. Each group has equal opportunity and resources to make their zongzi, and YGM encourages innovation and creativity, inspiring each group to come up with unique ideas.

YGM Dragon Boat Festival 1

The event received an overwhelming response from employees, and it was evident from the smiles on their faces that they enjoyed this experience and everyone was eager to showcase their culinary creativity and skills. Some teams opted for sweet flavors, using ingredients like red bean paste and lotus seeds, while others chose savory zongzi, stuffing them with a mix of meat and vegetables. The creativity and innovation displayed by the employees were truly remarkable.

YGM Dragon Boat Festival 2

In conclusion, YGM’s initiative to organize a Dragon Boat Festival event and encourage employees to participate in a friendly competition of making zongzi not only fostered team spirit but also helped to promote Chinese traditions and culture, strengthening pride in their heritage as a community.

——Eden Zhang

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