YGM Mid-Autumn Festival

Les’t review the grand Mid-Autumn Festival activities together

As an organization with deep roots in Chinese culture, YGM recognizes the importance of maintaining longstanding traditions that celebrate the richness and diversity of our cultural heritage. Against this backdrop, the company recently organized a vibrant and engaging Mid-Autumn Festival garden activity, aimed at instilling a sense of active participation and identification with this key national festival.

YGM Mid-Autumn Festival

Spanning multiple sections that were set up across various office areas within the factory, the event was designed to offer employees from all departments a unique and enjoyable opportunity to celebrate the festival in an immersive and participatory manner. Highlights of the event included a mooncake tasting area that allowed attendees to sample and savor the diverse range of flavors that define this festive delicacy.

Another popular section was the game challenge area, which featured an array of traditional games that were popular during the Mid-Autumn festival, with employees competing against each other in friendly and high-spirited contests. Additionally, the hand-made area allowed participants to showcase their creativity and craftsmanship by creating their own decorations and lanterns.

YGM Mid-Autumn Festival 2

Overall, the event was a resounding success, with employees from all departments embracing the opportunity to learn more about this important cultural festival and actively participate in its celebration. The atmosphere was fully charged with excitement and festivity, as employees enthusiastically took part in every facet of the event. YGM is proud to have successfully organized the event, which helped instill a sense of cultural pride and belonging within the organization.

——Eden Zhang

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