Perforated Sew On Reflective Tape

Reflectivity 300cd/lx/m² or 350cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On or Heat Transfer
Color Silver, Grey, Yellow/Silver/Yellow, Red/Silver/Red
Application Silver / High / Flame retardant / Elastic reflective tape for clothing and reflective heat transfer vinyl are all available for perforation.
Customizability The aperture can be customized

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Perforated sew on reflective tape FAQ guide

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A high reflective fabric was improved for workers who are working in hot, humid, and uncomfortable environments. Perforated ‘breathable’ reflective tape is commonly applied to safety clothing.

Elaborate perforated sew on reflective tape

Flame retardant protection is provided. The tape features numerous micro-holes that allow perspiration to be easily removed, which helps keep the body cool and provides extra breathability. Firefighters’ uniforms and FR-clothing can be sewed with this product.


Perforated tape made from polyester that is reflective and resistant. The tape has small openings that are exactly the same distance apart and allow more air to pass through the material. This allows for increased flexibility and softness.


It is possible to make vertical and horizontal alarm insets (both vertical and horizontal) for certain types of clothes using the tape. In addition to their wear-resistance, elasticity, and air permeability, this type of light reflective tape is also used for sportswear.

Reflective tapes for clothing that is sewn on with perforated are advantageous

  • There is no change in the light reflective characteristics of this tape after 25 washings
  • This tape is the perfect combination of price, the number of items you can create with it, and safety;
  • the tape flashes instantly even in dim light;
  • It increases your visibility at a workstation;
  • It is an elastic tape that can easily be shaped into any shape you need for sportswear;
  • the color of its alarm reflection is very noticeable;
  • Reflective clothing can be tailored with this tape;
  • It is sun-fast and has a classic pale gray color that lasts.
Figure 1 Perforated Sew On Reflective Tape

Figure 1: Perforated Sew On Reflective Tape

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