Ordinary Sew On Reflective Tape

Reflectivity 10-30cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Grey or any other color
Backing fabric 100% polyester or T/C

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Ordinary sew on reflective tape FAQ guide

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Reflective materials are designed, developed, researched, and produced by YGM a company located in China. To offer you the best selection, we also carry a wide range of other brands. Providing reflective tapes for sportswear and workwear garments is one of our services. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on reflective tape products and workwear fabrics, you can rely on us.

It's all about ordinary sew on reflective tape

A variety of reflective tapes can be applied to clothing to make it reflective and safer at night. The ordinary sew on reflective tape is one of the most popular. Our ordinary reflective sew on reflective tape can be used to protect you at night by making your clothing visible. People or wearers are safer and more secure when these reflective tapes are used. In addition to saving countless lives, ordinary sew on reflective tape that we sell has also led to an increase in safety in the future. This product can be easily installed using a sewing machine and will withstand multiple washings. The reflective tape will make your life more convenient and safer.

Figure 1 Ordinary sew on reflective tape.

Figure 1: Ordinary sew on reflective tape

You can count on YGM for ordinary sew-on reflective tape

Our reflective tapes are 100% guaranteed to be of high quality and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the product.

  • Your requirement for brightness will be met by these ordinary sew on reflective tapes
  • featuring the highest quality at unbeatable prices
  • Quick delivery
  • Friendly customer service
  • Our customer service is always available to you
Figure 2 Ordinary Sew On Reflective Tape

Figure 2: Ordinary Sew On Reflective Tape

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