White Reflective Tape

Item Advertisement grade, Engineering grade, High intensity grade, High intensity prismatic grade
Type PET, Acrylic, PC or PVC type
Color White

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White reflective tape FAQ guide

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Featuring waterproof PVC material with commercial grade adhesive, this reflective tape resists dirt, grease, rain, and sun-fading. Our company has specialized in the innovation, production, and sale of safety products for years. We provide a wide range of safety products, such as reflective tape, caution tape, anti-slip tape, and gaffer tape. The people at our company strive to provide the best products with the best service to each of our clients. Our aim is to give our customers 100% satisfaction, so please feel confident dealing with us. We will happily refund money or provide a replacement if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.

The description of white reflective safety tape

Whether it is on your car doors, backpacks, bicycles or helmets, this durable reflective tape boasts excellent reflective properties and aggressive adhesion that keeps you more visible during nighttime activities. The easy-to-peel adhesive sticks to almost any surface or vehicle, so staying safe will never be a problem.

Figure 1 White Reflective Tape

Figure 1: White  Reflective Tape

This product has the following features:

Reflective white tape from YGM makes you visible and keeps you safe. Light-reflecting properties of this tape provide excellent visibility at night. Safety markings can be applied to mailboxes, bumpers, bikes, helmets, and more with this reflective tape.


  • Traffic control safety is improved by attention-getting brightness
  • Weather resistant, keep good reflection during bad weather conditions, such as rain, fog, or darkness
  • Dustproof, waterproof, and erasable.
  • Resistance to tear growth, scratching, and water/oil absorption
  • It meets a variety of specifications
  • There are a variety of colors available
  • Durable construction resists abrasions on the roads
  • It gives oncoming vehicles an indication that you are on the road, thus providing utmost safety.
  • Surfaces that are reflective will not fade, no matter how much sun they are exposed to or what the weather is like.
  • Adhesive is heat resistant and will remain strong for a long time.
  • It adheres to rugged surfaces even when it is flexible.
  • The adhesive won’t stick to anything.
  • Easy to stick, peel off, and install.
Figure 2 Reflective Tape Application

Figure 2: Reflective Tape Application

Floors of all types are compatible with this product

We have a durable, reflective marking tape that will work on most smooth, clean, dry surfaces indoors and outdoors. Ensure that the buyer tests in a non-conspicuous area before proceeding. Tapes such as this can be removed. It may be possible to remove some adhesive residue using detergent depending on the surface. There is also the possibility that the adhesive will remove dirt from the surface, causing residue to appear. It is recommended that the buyer test the product in a non-conspicuous area before purchasing.

Is reflective tape appropriate for whom?

Any person who walks, jogs, bikes, or drives for extended periods of time is recommended to wear reflective tape. Safety helmets, hard hats, bicycle handlebars, RV bumpers, trucks, trailers, backpacks, vests, and nylon accessories can be adorned with this product.

Figure 3 White Reflective Tape

Figure 3: White Reflective Tape

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