Orange Heat Transfer Vinyl

Color Orange
Multiple Styles PU, PVC, 3D, Glitter, Flock.
Composition PET+PU+TPU
Application It’s suitable for several areas of uses like decorations, branding, patches, reinforcement, logos etc.

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Orange heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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The Orange Heat Transfer Vinyl is sensitive to temperature and pressure, which makes it easy to heat transfer on any t-shirt and saves you time. It can be cut and weeded easily through the designs just right. Please see the details below for more information about YGM Reflective Orange Heat Transfer Vinyl. I hope you enjoy reading!

Heat transfer vinyl in orange: a quick overview

Heat Transfer Vinyl YGM Orange has premium stickiness so they adhere seamlessly to the fabric after ironing, and they can be washed multiple times without fading, peeling, or cracking. Before washing your Orange Heat Transfer Vinyls, you should wait at least 24 hours. Suitable for all cutter machines, our Orange Heat Transfer Vinyls are compatible with them. It is our commitment to provide you with high-quality heat transfer vinyl rolls that are versatile and of excellent quality. The number one priority of our company is to achieve your satisfaction.

With this backing, you need to peel it off after cooling, and it won’t lift during weeding. Aside from being extremely durable, it can also be washed over and over again. There is a pressure sensitive carrier that allows you to offer detailed designs on a variety of fabrics. We would be happy to help you with any issues you may have with our heat transfer vinyl!

Figure 1 Orange Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 1: Orange Heat Transfer Vinyl

The orange heat transfer vinyl can be used in a wide variety of applications

SGS-certified eco-friendly Orange Heat Transfer Vinyls are perfect for decorating children’s clothing and accessories. The HTV vinyl can be used on cotton, polyester, and cotton blend fabrics, among others. Designs can be created for canvas shoes, T-shirts, bags, coats, hats, pillows, aprons, handbags, etc.

Vinyl heat transfer orange application process

  1. Your image design should be mirrored or reversed.
  2. A cutting mat should be placed face down on the vinyl.
  3. The blade speed and cutting pressure should be adjusted accordingly.
  4. The excess should be weeded out slowly, leaving the delicate design letters and graphics.
  5. When ironing the finished product onto your fabric, be sure to iron it in the correct direction.
  6. T-shirts and fabrics should be laid out on a flat surface that is clean and dry.
  7. To protect the transferred image from damage, place a cardboard on both sides of the shirt.
  8. The temperature should be set between 150°C (302°F) and 160°C (320°F) on a heat press machine or iron.
  9. You should only press it for 8-12 seconds at a medium pressure.
  10. You should iron on the side that is clear and glossy. Use a dry iron instead of a steam iron.
  11. Make sure you iron evenly. Consistently apply pressure to ensure that the entire image is attached and to avoid scorching the paper or cracking it.
Figure 2 Orange Heat Transfer Vinyl on T-shirt

Figure 2: Orange Heat Transfer Vinyl on T-shirt

Heat transfer vinyl orange care instructions

  • Dry cleaning is not recommended
  • You can machine wash it at either a warm or a cold temperature
  • A mild detergent should be used
  • Set the dryer at a normal setting
  • Do not use chlorine bleach
  • Before washing, wait 24 hours
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