Black Reflective Tape For Clothing

Reflectivity 10-30cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Black
Backing Fabric 100% polyester or T/C
Application Ideal for civil garments with normal requirements

ygmreflective factory

Black reflective tape for clothing FAQ guide

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There are many uses for Black Reflective Tape for Clothing. It is an approved product by ANSI 107 Class E & EN 20471 Class 1. It is a favorite of construction workers, engineers, surveyors, shipyards, railway and metro workers, roadside emergency, bicycle riders and many more. As a general rule, reflective safety pants are produced by printing reflective materials on the pants or sewing polyester reflective strips onto the pants using heat transfer technology. Reflective clothing can be used to provide safety by reflecting light when relevant lines are illuminated. As a result, it will provide the reflection effect.

Both in daylight and at night, YGM black reflective tape for clothing is dark and reflects white light. 

The YGM’s service team has provided a FAQ Guide about black reflective tape for clothing.

Description about black reflective tape for clothing

Figure 1 Black Reflective Tape for Clothing

Figure 1: Black Reflective Tape for Clothing

You won’t be unnoticed. Invest in reflective tape for your clothing to boost visibility and improve safety at night. Fiberglass beads used in this fabric tape help reflect light better than colored or fluorescent tape. Among the products we stick on are jackets, backpacks, shoes, clothing, and pet accessories. You can apply the patches both wet and dry. You can stay safe in the dark by wearing reflective clothing.

Safety clothing production of black reflective tape for clothing

Quality control

Quality control includes thread cutting, checking whether the front and back sides are wrapped fully, inspecting pocket neatness, and then packaging the product.

Lead time & package

  • A regular cargo port is Shanghai/Ningbo. Normally 100 meters per roll, 10 rolls per carton. Shipping marks are available for customization.
  • Time required for lead generation: 40-50 days
  • Each color requires a minimum order quantity of 3000 pieces

Advantages of black reflective tape for clothing

  • The tape reflects light when it comes in contact with the reflective inset;
  • Reflectivity can be readily seen even at twilight;
  • It combines well with any type of clothing;
  • An index of reflectivity of 10-30 Cd/lx per square meter is used;
  • Clothing, accessories, and sport outfits are essentials of any workplace and casual outfit;

Features of black reflective tape for clothing

  • Safety– Reflective tape enhances safety at night or in poor lighting conditions
  • Multipurpose – Reflects light and can be applied to running gear, shoes, and other surfaces
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