Black Reflective Fabric

Fabric color Black
Reflective color Aurora rainbow, Segmented rainbow or Blue purple-light rainbow.
Backing fabric 100% polyester, T/C, or spandex fabric, etc.

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Black reflective fabric FAQ guide

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Sportswear and casual wear can be produced using YGM Reflective Fabric. As a result of YGM’s Black Reflective Fabric, wearers are able to improve their visibility while driving at night or under low light conditions when illuminated by a light source, such as a headlight. Their visibility is enhanced because light is reflected from the garment toward the original source and reaches the automobile driver’s eye. YGM offers these types of reflective material – consumer solution products, including transfer films and fabrics.

Light that hits the pattern is reflected by the reflective effect highlighted in Black Reflective Fabric. Reflections from the mirrored surface behind the front surface bend incoming light beams as they pass through the front surface. It returns towards the light source through the front surface and passes through the front surface again. You can use the process to produce a material that illuminates in darkness once illuminated by headlights, camera flashes, etc. There are numerous uses for black reflective fabrics, including trimming, safety garments, sportswear, etc. This FAQ Guide is of help for consumers who want to buy Black Reflective Fabric.

Description of black reflective fabric

Figure 1 Black Reflective Fabric

Figure 1: Black Reflective Fabric

In the daytime, black reflective fabric appears black, but in the evening it glows white reflectively under any light condition. Despite being highly elastic, the polyester backing makes it quite thick and quite dense. The material has a thickness of 0.25 millimeters.

Fabric like this is great for lining work clothes, outdoor clothes, bags, and accessories, among other things. Whenever light is shined on the fabric, it glows brightly in the dark from more than 250 meters away.

Advantages of black reflective fabric

Figure 2 Black Reflective Fabric

Figure 2: Black Reflective Fabric

  • Almost any clothing can be matched with black color;
  • White-colored glow is visible on this dark fabric;
  • In the twilight and even during the day, the reflective effect can be seen;
  • A high retroreflectivity index is present in this material;
  • You will be more visible in the dark if you wear black reflective fabric;
  • You can wash the reflective surface more than 50 times without losing its quality;
  • In terms of quality and price, it’s a perfect combination;
  • The cost of reflective fabric is significantly lower when bought in a roll;

Application of black reflective fabric

Black reflective fabric can be found on a range of modern clothing, bags, sports wear, as well as a sports outfit. Textiles made with this material can also be used for making reflective inserts for outdoor clothes and shoes.

Black reflective fabric features

  • Ensure you are visible at night with anything you wear.
  • Avoid ironing directly after washing in cold water.
  • The material will not stiffen in cold temperatures since it moves with your body.
  • The product can be used for a variety of items, such as sport gloves, protective clothing, hats, pet clothes, decorations, etc.

Black reflective fabric is water-resistant

A fabric that reflects sunlight when wet. Provides protection from the sun by having a reflective side. The material is waterproof and UV-protective. Used to reduce temperatures. Cars, boats, caravans, etc. can all benefit from this product. Among its many uses, it can be used as a windshield protector, car window sun shade, pet cover, caravan cover, awning cover and even a car cover.

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