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YGM Reflective Derivatives Workshop: Meet Your Customized Needs

The reflective derivatives workshop is a workshop for creating innovative and highly functional products. With the help of category interoperability, diversified design and application, this workshop can develop unique products that can be tailored to customer’s specific needs. The following will introduce the main categories of products.

Lettering type reflective heat transfer vinyl

This reflective heat transfer vinyl accepts pattern customization, such as checkerboard, segmented strips, various patterns, etc. These are all achieved by laser automatic super marking machines. YGM derivatives workshop’s laser machine is the world’s leading machine that can be designed by itself and with numerous advantages. It has a large quantity of 16 units in total, one for engraving large patterns on reflective vinyl of up to 1m size, 12 sets for 50cm size and 3 sets for ≤50cm size. This allows the machine to achieve high daily outputs and fast delivery times of 20,000 meters per day for pattern reflective vinyl and 200,000 pieces per day for reflective logos. Its versatility also means that it’s able to undertake deep processing of reflective heat transfer vinyl and reflective sheeting materials. The engravings on light-coloured fabrics are also done with precision and clean edges without any black spots. Finally, the machine is extremely efficient as it requires minimal labor input while offering low costs due to its ability to automatically engrave logos just by inputting pictures into the computer.

ygmreflective Lettering type reflective heat transfer vinyl

Iron-On Reflective Ribbon Tape

The YGM derivatives workshop’s three fully automatic intelligent ironing machines boast an impressive production capacity of 200,000 meters per day. With the pre-shrunk treatment and the precision pressing and shaping from the ironing machines, webbing produced is given a soft and beautiful surface finish that is flat instead of curled. It also features fast template changing capabilities, enabling it to adjust to different sizes and custom orders quickly. The wide material adaptability makes it suitable for hot pressing with materials such as elastic bands, webbing tapes, reflective heat transfer vinyls, and other patterns. Additionally, the ironing machines are equipped with advanced sensors which monitor temperature levels precisely in order to provide consistent results every time. This ensures that customers get high-quality products that exceed their expectations.

ygmreflective Iron on Reflective Ribbon Tape

Reflective Piping

YGM derivatives workshop’s automatic piping equipment consists of 25 sets of flat seam piping machines, suitable for polyester reflective tape and 8 sets of chain type piping machines, suitable for T/C type and industrial type reflective tapes. With this equipment, YGM workshop is able to achieve an output capacity of 250,000 meters per day. The reflective piping can be customized to your desired sizes, while their off-the-shelf products feature conventional sizes such as 1.3*2.0*2.0cm with the option to choose between gray or white cotton cores. YGM workshop engineers also offer professional advice and support on the development of new products that best suit your needs, making them a reliable partner for reflective related solutions.

ygmreflective Reflective Piping

Printed Reflective Tape for Clothing

Reflective tape for clothing is a popular choice for those who want to be visible and safe while working or engaging in recreational activities during low-light conditions. It can be printed with various colors and patterns, providing a wide range of options for customers to choose from. Additionally, YGM offer custom printing services so that customers can have the reflective tape printed with their own designs or logos. This allows them to create unique items of clothing or accessories which are both fashionable and practical. With this level of customization and design options available, there’s no doubt that reflective tape for clothing has become an increasingly popular choice amongst people looking for visibility and safety in low light conditions.

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