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YGM 2023 Annual Business Conference

On January 31, 2023, YGM held the 2023 annual business conferenc grandly in Tiantai for two days, with all the members of the company’s leadership team and the management of more than 30 people attending the conference, and the chairman of the company, Chen Guoshun, and the general manager, Wang Zengyou, attended the conference.

The meeting began with a report on the work of each department in the company for 2022 and the work plan for 2023. General Manager Wang Zengyou analyzed the industry trends for 2023 and elaborated on the opportunities we are currently facing. Mr. Wang pointed out that people are not unwilling to spend money, people are just unwilling to spend money for things that are not worth it, so he proposed that we need to improve the value of our products, reduce costs and seize the opportunities brought by brand new needs. Finally, Mr. Wang made a plan for the development of the enterprise in 2023. Based on the work in 2022, we will improve the performance assessment standards, increase the platform of problem points, improve the execution, strive to be the leading global brand in the segment, be a company worthy of money and with a sense of social responsibility, clarify the development goals, adhere to the development strategy, and improve the enterprise management. With scientific management mechanism and flexible business strategy to ensure the completion of the year’s objectives and tasks.

Chairman Chen Guoshun elaborated the theme of this conference “Everyone has a mission to create new achievements together” through seven aspects. At the conference, Mr. Chen expressed his gratitude to President Xi Jinping for setting up the Beijing stock exchange to give YGM the opportunity to be listed, to everyone present and to all the staff for their support and efforts over the years, as well as the strong support from Zhongtai, Lixin and Deheng, and to our customers, suppliers and governments at all levels for their full support, while expressing his good expectations for the success of this conference!

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The whole conference came to a successful end in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing the dynamic, positive, united and enterprising spirit of YGM. Looking back to 2022, we work together, strive hard and harvest together; looking forward to 2023, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and look forward to a brighter tomorrow together.

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