Banner of CIOSH Exhibition in Shanghai

Witness the appearance of YGM at the CIOSH exhibition in Shanghai

From April 13 to 15, 2023, YGM participated in the Shanghai CIOSH exhibition, showing their latest safety clothing and reflective materials. As safety issues are at the forefront of every organization’s operations, safety clothing and reflective materials have always been an important element of worker safety in various industries – from construction to manufacturing, mining and logistics.

At the 6C23 exhibition in Hall E6, YGM showcased their safety clothing and reflective materials, emphasizing their commitment to workplace safety, aiming to provide maximum safety and protection for workers in different working environments.YGM designed their safety clothing with two goals in mind – safety and comfort. And using advanced materials and the most advanced manufacturing process, making it suitable for all working environments. At the show, YGM had experts on hand to assist visitors and explain the unique features of its safety suits.

Moreover, YGM also showcased their innovative reflective materials. These materials are designed to increase visibility and improve safety in low-light environments. YGM’s reflective materials exceed industry standards and are available in several colors and designs. Visitors were impressed by YGM’s attention to detail and the quality of its products, which are designed to withstand harsh and demanding conditions.

Figure2 YGM in CIOSH shanghai

In conclusion, YGM’s participation in CIOSH Shanghai 2023 was a huge success. The company showcased its range of safety clothing, reflective materials, and their commitment to making workplaces safer. As a recognized leader in the safety industry, YGM continues to innovate and build on its products to help workers remain safe on the job, while demonstrating their drive to remain relevant and at the forefront of the industry.

——Eden Zhang

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