Yellow Reflective Tape

Item Advertisement grade, Engineering grade, High intensity grade, High intensity prismatic grade
Type PET, Acrylic, PC or PVC type
Color Yellow

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Yellow reflective tape FAQ guide

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Reflective tape made with high intensity glass beads is made by YGM. Light that comes from far away and from all directions is reflected by it. Providing better traffic safety solutions for home, vehicle, and mechanical equipment safety. The product is great for marking signs, trucks, trailers, mailboxes, garage doors, boats, cars, and auto safety. After you use our tape for a long time, it will look as if it were just manufactured yesterday. The product is 100% weatherproof. Snow, rain, fog, and extreme temperatures will not damage it. In comparison to most reflective tape on the market, we use a better material. Let’s get started, shall we?

A brief overview of YGM's reflective tape

With our yellow reflective safety tape, lights can be reflected from all directions. It is designed for the trucking industry to use reflective safety tape. The product can also be used on tractors, other agricultural equipment, ATV’s, campers, motorhomes, water buoys, personal watercraft, mailboxes, garbage cans, and anything else that requires enhanced visibility. A smooth upper surface is UV stable and completely smooth. With the highest quality reflective safety tape, you can drive with confidence knowing that your trailer, boat, or truck is protected.

In an emergency, it helps identify the make and size of your vehicle by highlighting its contours. You can use it on tractors, other agricultural equipment, as well as ATVs, motor homes, personal watercraft, loading docks, garbage cans, and any other equipment that needs to be seen better. For safety reasons, the federal government requires that all new trailers be equipped with reflective safety tape running along the sides and rear of the trailer to make heavy trailers more conspicuous to other drivers.

Figure 1 Reflective Tape (Yellow)

Figure 1: Reflective Tape (Yellow)

The product's features

To reduce accidents throughout your facility, reflective warning tape can be used to mark hazards. If extra safety is needed, use this product. It can be used in daylight, low light, and at night. An easy-to-handle, flexible retro-reflective tape with a peel-off back and permanent acrylic adhesive. Reflective tape is made from engineer grade reflective with bounce back properties to identify hazards and highlight machinery, equipment, racking, poles, dock doors, barricades and fences.

Figure 2 Yellow Reflective Tape

Figure 2: Yellow Reflective Tape

All types of floors can be adhered to

This durable, reflective marking tape will stick to most smooth, clean, dry surfaces indoors and outdoors. Prior to proceeding, the buyer should test in a non-conspicuous area. Remove this tape if you wish. The surface on which the adhesive residue is located may be able to be cleaned with detergent. It’s also possible that the adhesive will remove dirt from the surface, leaving a residue behind. It is recommended that the buyer test in a non-conspicuous area before proceeding.

Figure 3 Yellow Reflecitve Tape of YGM

Figure 3: Yellow Reflecitve Tape of YGM

This product is used in the following applications

In both outdoor and indoor applications, it can serve as a warning sign and a hazardous area marker. In low-light or hard-to-see areas, it is much more visible than ordinary tapes. This is commonly used around the tabletop portion of trucks in conjunction with rear marking plates to ensure that the vehicle and its movements are clearly visible. Safety is also important in low-lit environments, such as barriers, fences, and machines. For fast and easy application, the reflective tape has a pressure-sensitive self-adhesive backing. Adaptable to curved or angled surfaces, it sticks to clean, smooth, dry areas.

  • Identification of vehicles
  • Signage along the railway
  • Signage directing traffic
  • Roadwork signs with a boxed edge
  • Identification of work zones
  • A delineator that is exposed vertically in service

Product flexibility and user-friendliness

Reflective tape is a very high quality grade of adhesive reflective tape designed for vertically orientated traffic control signs, railway signage, vehicle identifiers, and delineators. A pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to one side of the non-metalized reflective sheeting to create this high quality reflective tape. All weather conditions are no problem for it since it retains its reflectivity even when wet. In addition to its durability and durability, this tape offers a high degree of legibility, brightness, and reflectivity, all of which endure for a long time. In addition to being highly visible at night, the surface is tough and resistant to scratches and scuffs. According to Australian and New Standards 1906.1, it meets or exceeds the requirements.

Visibility and reflection are enhanced

Featuring a diamond and arrow pattern, reflective tape is highly visible. On dark roads, it provides additional visibility and catches the light from any angle. Are you interested in being seen by other drivers? The reflective tape you needed was just what you needed.

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