White Reflective Tape for Clothing

White reflective tape for clothing - overview

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White reflective tape is a type of fabric tape used to increase the visibility of clothing in low light or dark conditions. In most cases, the tape is manufactured from a reflective fabric, such as polyester, that has been coated with a reflective substance, such as glass beads.

Figure 1 White reflective tape for clothing

Figure 1. White reflective tape for clothing

This reflective tape can be stitched onto garments in a straightforward and trouble-free manner. The reflective tape allows light to be reflected back, which increases the visibility of the person wearing reflective apparel.

The tape is typically applied to the seams of clothing and around the edges of pockets and other openings. Reflective tape can also be applied to bags, hats, and other accessories. In addition to increasing visibility, reflective tape can also help to make clothing more visible in photographs and videos.

Benefits of using white reflective tape for clothing

There are many benefits to using reflective tape on clothing. First,

  • It increases the visibility of the wearer in low-light and nighttime conditions. This is especially important for cyclists, pedestrians, and runners who share the road with vehicles.
  • This reflective tape can make the difference between being seen and not being seen by drivers, especially in inclement weather or when there is glare from oncoming headlights.
  • It has excellent wear resistance and durability, so it can provide years of safety benefits.
  • This reflective tape can be found easily and at a reasonable price. It can be sewn directly on top of clothing without any extra hassle.

Effectiveness of white reflective tape

In general, white reflective tape is highly effective in terms of both safety and visibility. The tape’s reflectivity is around 10-30cd/lx/m², which makes this tape stand out in low light conditions.

At night, the tape’s reflective properties will help ensure that the object is visible in low-light conditions. The tape will reflect any available light, making it easier for drivers or pedestrians to spot. In general, sewing reflective tape on any surface is an efficient, low-cost, and simple way to enhance the safety and visibility of the surface.

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