Rubber Heat Transfer Vinyl

Feature3D effect, three-dimensional convex and concave sense
Hot Pressing Temperature140-160℃
Hot Pressing Time15-20s
Hot Pressing Pressure0.2-0.5mpa

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Rubber heat transfer vinyl FAQ guide

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Currently in stock and ready to ship, Rubber Heat Transfer Vinyl is our most popular product! Soft and eco-friendly, this Rubber Heat Transfer Vinyl is perfect for transferring designs onto garments. With its high elasticity and strong adhesiveness, this easy-to-cut and peel film allows fabrics to stretch through natural movement while remaining highly durable and enduring frequent washings. Please read the following information for more details.

An overview of rubber heat transfer vinyl

With these Rubber Heat Transfer Vinyls, cut-out images can be held in place for excellent transfer. This material is easy to cut and peel, flexible and durable, and does not change in size due to expansion and contraction. In sports uniforms, t-shirts and other garments, it’s a very suitable solution for numbering, lettering, logos, and detailed designs.

Figure 1 Rubber Heat Transfer Vinyl

Figure 1: Rubber Heat Transfer Vinyl

Tips for cutting

Always do a Test-Cut first, this will help you determine if your blade is sharp and if you have applied the correct pressure and force. Create a visual note and attach it to your cutter once you have the correct setting. It is always a good idea to have a variety of blades on hand for different kinds of HTV materials and plotter cutter brands. It is recommended that lettering be cut at least 2mm thick.

Rubber heat transfer vinyl after-care instructions

  • Before washing for the first time, allow 24 hours.
  • A mild detergent can be used in a washing machine up to 60°C.
  • In order to prolong the life of the garment, wash it inside out.
  • For tumble drying, use the normal settings on your household dryer.
  • Be careful not to use bleach.
  • It should not be dry cleaned.
  • Direct ironing is possible.

Rubber heat transfer vinyl has a wide range of applications

There is a need for branding on every shirt, t-shirt, shoe, or anything else in this world. We define ourselves by our brand logos and express the quality of our products. Depending on how you transfer the logo and what quality, we will be able to determine how important brand value is. As a provider of apparel printing and screen printing services, YGM Reflective is well known. At any time, YGM Reflective is here to help. We will deliver you the best ever transfer on your Fabric, including jerseys, t-shirts, jackets, canvas bags, shoes, or whatever else you can imagine, once you provide your artwork, photo, logo, design or graphics.

The YGM reflective rubber heat transfer vinyl is the best choice

  1. We use eco-friendly materials to make our patches.
  2. With years of experience in embroidery and label production, we are the professionals you can trust.
  3. Visits and plant inspections are available by our team.
  4. Our long-term cooperation with customers is testament to our quality.  
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