Retro Reflective Fabric

Fabric color Can be silver, black, white, red, grey, blue, etc. Accept customized color
Reflective color Silver or Rainbow
Backing fabric 100% polyester, T/C, or spandex fabric,etc

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Retro reflective fabric FAQ guide

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There is a wide use of reflective materials in the manufacturing of traffic safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, films, protective clothing, and other high-tech products aimed at ensuring the safety of human lives and property. Reflective material innovations continue to be implemented by YGM and this company has played a longstanding role in ensuring worker safety on the job. The products we offer have proven to be bright, durable, and high quality, with technical, marketing, and lab support in worldwide

The introduction of retro reflective fabric

A retro-reflective material is a safety material that uses the principle of retro-reflection. A light source’s surface reflects the light back to the original source.

Retro reflective fabric is mainly used for safety clothing, but it has a number of characteristics such as elasticity, breathability, color, and reflection on both sides. In addition to safety clothing, YGM reflective materials are ideal for all your products.

Figure 1 Retro reflective fabric

Figure 1: Retro reflective fabric

Color retro reflective fabric application

In addition to retro-reflective fabrics, YGM also offers colored reflective fabrics for normal clothing.

It is obvious that the colors of retroreflective fabrics cannot produce the same reflection as the colors of professional reflective fabrics. Its original color is silver after coating aluminizing, therefore a color retro-reflective fabric cannot be used for professional safety clothing with a high requirement for reflective features, but it is a good choice for fashion clothing or a casual reflective jacket with a shiny finish. Color retro-reflective fabric is not suitable for professional safety clothing with a high requirement for reflective features.

Reflective fabric material products

Those retro-reflective fabrics are widely used for outdoor safety reflective products as well as reflective safety clothing for people who work at night or in poor lighting conditions, such as safety uniforms, work clothing, sanitation clothing. In addition to retro-reflective tapes, YGM offers colored retro-reflective cloth, dotted retro-reflective cloth, printed retro-reflective cloth, and rainbow retro-reflective cloth. Our YGM products give you the option of choosing the right reflective fabric for you, or you can contact us directly for more information.

Working principle of retro reflective fabric

Through advanced technology of focusing after processing, reflective materials are made by utilizing the high refractive index of glass beads regression reflection. No matter in what time of day or night it is, it can reflect distant direct light back to a luminous place and has good reverse reflection optical properties. Especially at night, it can play with the same high visibility as when it is daytime. It is easy for night drivers to detect safety clothing made of high visibility reflective material, regardless of where the wearer is at a distance, or if the wearer is distracted by light or scattered light.

Figure 2 Retro reflective fabric

Figure 2: Retro reflective fabric

Objects that are retroreflective are easier to perceive under low light conditions when illuminated by an external light source. As it is more scientifically defined, retroreflection occurs when light rays return to their original direction.

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