Red Reflective Tape For Clothing

Reflectivity 10-30cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Red
Backing Fabric 100% polyester or T/C
Application Ideal for civil garments with normal requirements

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Red reflective tape for clothing FAQ guide

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Are you looking for reflective tape manufacturers? At YGM, we’re pioneers for all-things-reflective Reflective tapes are available in a wide range of colors, such as white, yellow, blue, red, green, and orange. Below are some frequently asked questions about our red reflective tape, one of our available colors. Many applications call for red reflective tape to be used in order to signal danger or a need to stop. Because it is retroreflective, it can be seen at night.

What is red reflective tape used for clothing?

These tapes do not shine as brightly as white tape, but they have the advantage of reflecting a color which, in turn, sends a message to the viewer. As a result, the reflective areas of the tape glow at night when light from sources like car headlights bounces off them. It is easy to cut and sew according to your own preferences since the material is soft. Many types of clothing can be decorated with this method, including shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, hats, shirts, bags, and so on.


  • Produces a strong reflection of light
  • It can be cut to any size or shape
  • By simply unrolling, cutting, and arranging
  • It enhances security under low visibility conditions.

How does red reflective tape for clothing work?

During the night, reflective materials reflect light back from a source.

    • In order to be effective, the subject must be in a dark environment and there must be a light source, such as a headlamp.
    • However, special reflective materials are much more effective. The ‘retro-reflective’ name comes from the fact that they bounce most of the light back to its source, rather than scattering it. The light from the drivers’ headlights will direct back to the driver, who will be able to clearly see the reflective materials.
    • You can be seen by drivers earlier with reflective materials – which could save your life.
Figure1 Red Reflective Tape For Clothing(1)

Figure1:Red Reflective Tape For Clothing

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