Red Iron On Vinyl

Color Red
Multiple styles PU, PVC, 3D, Luminescence, Glitter, Flock
Composition PET+PU+TPU
Application It’s suitable for several areas of uses like decorations, branding, patches, reinforcement, logos etc.

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Red iron on vinyl FAQ guide

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Red iron on vinyl from YGM lasts 25 washes and is compatible with a wide range of base fabric materials! With it, you’ll have no trouble cutting complex designs and weeding them effortlessly to give you a flawless finish. There seems to be an iron-on idea for almost everything, whether it’s a wonderful T-shirt, a heartwarming home decor item, amazing accessories, or handmade gifts. Make patterns and projects that are one-of-a-kind by layering one color over another or even three colors. You can create your own design for T-Shirts and other garments and have it printed directly on them.

Provide an overview of the red iron on vinyl product

Vinyl that is designed to be flexible without compromising its durability or strength is red iron on vinyl. Red iron on vinyl is specially designed to last up to 25 washes without peeling, cracking, or fading. After repeated washings and a long period of use, the shape and vibrancy of the color remain intact. The best thing about red iron on vinyl is that it is thin enough to layer over a garment while moving like a part of it.

Figure 1 Red Iron On Vinyl

Figure 1: Red Iron On Vinyl

There are many applications for red iron-on vinyl

The material can be used on a variety of fabrics, including 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 100% viscose, 100% rayon, and 100 percent cotton/poly blends. We offer heat transfer vinyl that adheres to textiles by both household irons and heat presses. Design, lettering, monogramming, numbering, and logos for t-shirts, shoes, aprons, baseball caps, and other garments that require durable vinyl can be carried out with this machine.

Figure 2 Example of Red Iron On Vinyl Application

Figure 2: Example of Red Iron On Vinyl Application

The key features of red iron on vinyl

With red iron on vinyl, you can wash it after wash and apply it with low pressure and heat settings. With its pressure-sensitive carrier, red iron on vinyl can be applied to a variety of fabrics for detailed designs. Laser cutting systems are compatible with red iron on vinyl.

    • Custom vinyl can be attached to fabric, clothing, or backpack using red iron on vinyl
    • Designed to work with all Cricut cutting machines, it cuts beautifully
    • Simple and flawless iron-on applications with the Cricut EasyPress (not included)

The product's application instructions (heat press)

  • The excess material should be weeded after the cut is reversed
  • After a couple of seconds, preheat the garment
  • 130-160°C is the temperature at which the design should be applied
  • During the 15-20 second period, apply 0.2-0.5mpa pressure
  • The carrier can be peeled cold

Red iron on vinyl care instructions

  • Wash with a mild detergent in a washing machine at warm or cold temperatures
  • Use the normal setting to dry
  • There should be no chlorine bleach
  • The first wash should be done 24 hours after the last wash
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