Pink Reflective Tape

Reflectivity 10-30cd/lx/m²
Attachment Type Sew On
Color Pink
Backing fabric 100% polyester or T/C
Application Ideal for civil garments with normal requirements

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Pink reflective tape FAQ guide

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The main purpose of pink reflective tape is to reflect light back in its direction of origin. With almost two decades of experience manufacturing and supplying reflective tape and safety clothing, YGM is one of the leading suppliers of reflective solutions all over the world. The reason we stand out from competitors is that we drive innovation to ensure the safety of our workers.

Pink reflective tape: why use it?

Improved Safety:

Studies have shown that reflective tape can reduce road accidents, injuries, and deaths, including a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Ensure your safety and the safety of others by investing in reflective tape. It is also designed to be easy to adhere to. Use pink reflective tape for even a simpler application. It is typically used on clothing to protect workers in poor light conditions from accidents and death.

Reduced cost:

Pink reflective tape is a cost-effective solution for reducing your liability, improving safety, safeguarding your property, and protecting your bottom-line. With a minimal upfront cost, you can also protect yourself from the additional legal and financial risks of accidents and injuries.

Figure 1 Pink Reflective Tape

Figure 1: Pink Reflective Tape

How should I choose pink reflective tape that is highly reflective?

  • Reflectivity

This pink reflective tape from YGM features microprismatic technology to provide a bright, vibrant retroreflectivity at wide angles almost 90 degrees from perpendicular, resulting in improved daytime or nighttime visibility for your vehicle, equipment, or property.

  • Strong Adhesion

Pressure-sensitive, high-performance adhesion designed to firmly hold to vehicles, equipment, and property in challenging environments. It is simple and straightforward installation with an easy-release liner.

  • Durable Materials

YGM pink reflective tapes are made from durable materials that resist dirt, weather, and aging. This product has a non-metallic polycarbonate construction and pre-sealed edges to ensure a maximum durability.

What type of tape is pink reflective tape?

This pink reflective tape is made up of glass beads reflective tape. There are various types of applications for a glass bead reflective tape, which is a great general-purpose of this tape. This tape is lightweight and more flexible than other reflective tape. It’s ideal in many environments, especially warm ones, but its top disadvantage is that it loses reflectivity when wet and can abrade in rough environments

How It’s Made: Reflective tape made of tiny glass beads is attached to a fabric with numerous glass spheres. Over these spheres are colored binder layers and metallic flake pigments that reflect light. Light rays bounce back off of the metallic and pigmented surfaces of the spheres.


  • Less expensive
  • with excellent performance in warm weather
  • Disperses returned light in a wider angle, making it useful for close-range applications and viewable from a variety of perspectives
  • Lightweight and flexible for enhanced mobility when needed
  • These can be CAD cut for other purposes such as further enhancements or adding company logos


  • The tape is not as resistant to abrasion as other tapes
  • and loses some of its reflective properties when wet
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